Commence with the commerce

I know I already blogged elsewhere about the Froogle wishlist so I'll shut up about it for a while - after I announce that you may now add a wishlist to your Blogger profile! Click on the wishlist link on my profile to see what I mean (it's under location). The Froogle team also changed their URLs to hide your email address from spambots. Nice, eh?

I am damp with excitement.


jesslin said…
Wow. You just said "I am damp with excitement." That was awesome!
Pip said…
Ah, but when will it work for Froogle UK eh? ;)

Seriously though - good job!
Hey, good stuff that! Wedding lists will never be the same again...
Jason Shugars said…
Damp? I think I'm down right moist!
Now I need to find a way to move my Amazon wishlist over...

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