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ABC News: People of the Year: Bloggers

Always nice to see the orange B on national TV.

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami blog

A blog to track and help during this tragedy.

Don't eat the yellow snow, polar bear number two!

I think I'm hilarious. You can imagine how well this goes over at work. Apologies to Dennis Hwang.

When Does a Copyright Expire...?

Just take the year of copyrighted work + authors age, add 70 or 95 or not, then jam self in eye with nearest sharp utencil. It's just that easy!

PHP Login System with Admin Features

I'm working on a little side project in my spare time. This script might come in handy.

Christmas Carols and Songs

Legal classical mp3 downloads from Amazon

Release the CEO of eBay India (Baazee)

Please sign this petition. It has implications on ecommerce beyond this case alone.

Sirius time-shifting

I'm currently thinking that hooking my new Sirius receiver to the line-in on my Mac and using Audio Recorder to record 8 hours of Sirius channel 22 (1st Wave) might be really cool. I would have an 8-hour mp3 file that I could load up on my iPod and fast-forward until the next B52's song. Maybe I'll even try 24-hours of the Christmas Carol station. Now that's a podcast.

LineIn and SoundSource

Two must-have free pieces of software for Mac OSX. It turns out it's really hard to do a simple line-in monitor thru your speakers or headphones without LineIn.

Apple iTune Phone Coming

Motorola and Apple sitting in a tree.

The Jimi

I hate wallets - I'm trying a Jimi.

Han Shot First Shirt

Han Liebowitz that is.

Give Me Centrism or Give Me Death!

Chuck Klosterman shoots the middle.

The place to find podcasts.... or at least one place.

Bush to Google Future Nominees

'I guess I have a lot to learn about the Internets,' Mr. Bush said.


Online secret santa exchange organizer.

Crumpler bags

German bag manufacturers site. This site is recommended whether or not you need a bag. Funny stuff.

Harajuku girls

Gwen Stefani's recent song and multiple mentions of the aformentioned Harajuku girls throughout her new solo album has had an odd numbing effect on my want or need to research what, exactly, a Harajuku girl is? In fact, I would possibly pay money for a version of this album without the word Harajuku in it. More than anything however, I just want her to get back to the task at hand: making more New Order songs.

Place The State

I got 45 out of 50 with an average error of 33 miles. I owe Delaware an apology however. I was way off.

This is rock and roll

As a result Ringo Starr and Neil Peart simultaneously retire.

Help the poor and take the piss out of celebrities. We like to call that a Win-Win where I come from.

Commence with the commerce

I know I already blogged elsewhere about the Froogle wishlist so I'll shut up about it for a while - after I announce that you may now add a wishlist to your Blogger profile! Click on the wishlist link on my profile to see what I mean (it's under location). The Froogle team also changed their URLs to hide your email address from spambots. Nice, eh? I am damp with excitement.

West Western Europe proposal by Dack

I think 'covert sodomy' should be on the red list. By the way, welcome back Dack.

Bug Images and Inline Styles

Chris brings up a few issues with regard to formatting for the web vs. formatting for newsreaders.

Cell phone hangs up on drunken dialers

A self-imposed, limited-time, drunk dial block list. But will it block texting too?