Voter Cheatsheet

My co-worker Jason Sutter posted a photo of his Voter Cheatsheet so I thought I might as well post the list of props and measures I voted on as well. I don't have time to give you the full run down on why I voted the way I did other than to say I used the California Ballot Proposition links Eric rounded up to help me decide. Thanks Eric!
Prop 1A - Yes
Prop 59 - Yes
Prop 60 - Yes
Prop 60a - Yes
Prop 61 - Yes
Prop 62 - No
Prop 63 - Yes
Prop 64 - No
Prop 65 - No
Prop 66 - Yes
Prop 67 - No
Prop 68 - No
Prop 69 - No
Prop 70 - No
Prop 71 - No
Prop 72 - Yes
Measure X - Yes
Of course I voted for John Kerry too.

The voting experience itself was unsettling as Alameda County uses the controversial Diebold machines. Worse yet was that my polling place doesn't allow you to get a printout of your ballot to double check that what is on the screen. Blech! I did however get a sticker that says 'I Touched the Future - Touch Screen Voting'. Double-blech!


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