Canada 2.0

Mena suggests that moving to Canada 2.0 won't require a van or cardboard boxes. I'm in.


  1. Good call Jason.

    Although i'm thinking that the time is right for Southern and Northern Californians to put aside their rivalry and do what we've joked about for years--secede from the rest of the USA. Or we can just not share our produce, movies or technology until the red states get their heads screwed back on straight. And that goes double for Ohio.

    Here's a handy expat guide I ran across, just in case you decide to head north to the land of ice, moose, and Flickr. In the meantime, I'm following your lead and nursing my election loser denial with pop rocks AND creamsciles. ;-) ;-)


  2. We voted for Kerry in Ohio.

    Kerry Won. . .
    Greg Palast
    November 04, 2004

    How John Kerry Exposed the Contra-Cocaine Scandal
    By Robert Parry


    How John Kerry busted the terrorists' favorite bank.

    By David Sirota and Jonathan Baskin



  3. Did John Kerry really bust the DNC?

  4. When you get to Canada - look me up; this is a public offer for a couple of *real* Canadian Beers. On me, in exchange for insight into what makes the Googleplex, Larry and S tick. ;)


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