BYOY (Yams)

The Shellen family has grown to the point that we can't always celebrate Thanksgiving together any more. Since we'll be celebrating separately this year, I thought I'd share some family "factoids" in the spirit of the holiday:
  • Rather than the traditional fall decor, the table is decorated with Smurf figurines.
  • Popular side dishes include Green Beans 'n' Haggis, French Onion Ring Pop Tart Pie, Moons Over My Hammy®, Vienna Sausages with Ketchup Remoulade and Cranberry Vodka Jell-O Shots.
  • We draw straws for which two of us get to pull the wishbone, and then inevitably somebody asks "what did you wish for?" and then we inevitably have the same old tired conversation about how if you tell what you wish for your wish won't come true, even though it's a bunch of superstitious BS.
  • Every year, Mom tells the story about how our dear sweet Nana's favorite part of the turkey was...well, a gross part.*
  • Jason, Taylor and I take turns ruining the day, depending on who ruined Easter and who is scheduled to ruin Christmas Eve. Sometimes we give Dad a shot at it, too.
  • We stroll from door to door in our neighborhood singing Thanksgiving carols such as "O Bloated Night," "The Twelve Days of Leftovers" and "Hark! The Dallas Cowboys Stink."


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