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MSN's New Blogging Service On the Way?

In other news, Blogger considers launching paperclip style wizard for enhancing blog entries.

Chrismukkah Blog

Seth Cohen would be proud.

The Relationship Revolution

Replace the word information with relationship.

I'm wishing

Wherein I post on the Google blog for the first time. Can't believe it took this long.

¿Qué es un blog?

Image screenshot in traditional Chinese
As described in our help article, Blogger goes international. Blogger is now available in:EnglishFrenchItalianSpanishGermanJapaneseKoreanTraditional ChineseSimplified ChineseBrazilian PortugeseWe have some work to do to get the interface translated as well, but stay tuned for further developments and more languages.
Our users have had the ability to publish in over 95 languages for a while now, but it's been hard to get to that step without having blog creation or sign-up in one's native tongue. Cheers to the birth of even more blogs!

The FCC as Marketing Partner

Mark Cuban identifies the Apologevent. Perhaps Cuban is looking for an FCC fine to go with that NBA fine?

Mustangs, SUVs, Trucks and Baseball Bats. And Nuns.

Even I - a Eurocar nut - must admit that the 2005 Mustang is somewhat bitchin'.

The Jones Soda Holiday Pack 2004

I bet the Mashed Potato and Butter Soda tastes just like Mom used to make!

do not despair

The United Cities of America from the cover of The Stranger from Seattle.

NBA bans iPods for players during warm-up

Somewhere at Sony USA a marketing team is secretly wishing the Sony Network Walkman were banned by the NBA too.

BYOY (Yams)

The Shellen family has grown to the point that we can't always celebrate Thanksgiving together any more. Since we'll be celebrating separately this year, I thought I'd share some family "factoids" in the spirit of the holiday: Rather than the traditional fall decor, the table is decorated with Smurf figurines.Popular side dishes include Green Beans 'n' Haggis, French Onion Ring Pop Tart Pie, Moons Over My Hammy®, Vienna Sausages with Ketchup Remoulade and Cranberry Vodka Jell-O Shots.We draw straws for which two of us get to pull the wishbone, and then inevitably somebody asks "what did you wish for?" and then we inevitably have the same old tired conversation about how if you tell what you wish for your wish won't come true, even though it's a bunch of superstitious BS.Every year, Mom tells the story about how our dear sweet Nana's favorite part of the turkey was...well, a gross part.* Jason, Taylor and I take turns ruining the da…

Sorry Everybody

Photo gallery of folks apologizing for the way the election went. Just for good measure - Sorry Everybody.

Cycle Tree

Store six bikes in a four foot space. Crazy.

Microsoft Search Beta Manipulating Results?

Gentlemen, this isn't any way to make friends.


Fully programmable effects processor for guitar, vocal and general use by the founder of Winamp Justin Frankel.

2004 Election result maps

Turns out we are purple - not red or blue.

Can We Please Bury the Netscape Metaphor?

Battelle sez Google isn't Netscape... and of course I agree.

IBM blog memo?

Is there an IBM memo asking employees to stop posting company plans via blogs?

Another Technoratist

You may remember him from sites such as and SENT

Vatican sex guide urges Catholics to do 'it' more often

Wasn't this covered in our Vote Bush drive?

Google Zeitgeist Special Edition - Election 2004

All the queries have been tabulated and the winner is - Where To Vote.

Post-Election 3-pack

Mule Design Feed Store helps you lick your post-election wounds with funny shirts.

Modern Living

Great animation site found via Tom Green's blog.

Canada 2.0

Mena suggests that moving to Canada 2.0 won't require a van or cardboard boxes. I'm in.

Comedy Central: Indecision 2004 Blog

After joking about bloggers they have finally joined the crowd.

Troubles in Florida

An alligator ate my vote will not be an acceptable excuse this time.

Blogger Knowledge: Blog The Vote

It's like voting twice!

Voter Cheatsheet

My co-worker Jason Sutter posted a photo of his Voter Cheatsheet so I thought I might as well post the list of props and measures I voted on as well. I don't have time to give you the full run down on why I voted the way I did other than to say I used the California Ballot Proposition links Eric rounded up to help me decide. Thanks Eric! Prop 1A - Yes Prop 59 - Yes Prop 60 - Yes Prop 60a - Yes Prop 61 - Yes Prop 62 - No Prop 63 - Yes Prop 64 - No Prop 65 - No Prop 66 - Yes Prop 67 - No Prop 68 - No Prop 69 - No Prop 70 - No Prop 71 - No Prop 72 - Yes Measure X - Yes Of course I voted for John Kerry too. The voting experience itself was unsettling as Alameda County uses the controversial Diebold machines. Worse yet was that my polling place doesn't allow you to get a printout of your ballot to double check that what is on the screen. Blech! I did however get a sticker that says 'I Touched the Future - Touch Screen Voting'. Double-blech!

DCCC Election Night Resultron

Feed Resultron!!!

Ok, now I'll vote

I just received a 'Get out the vote' email from an email list I'm on for the band Jimmy Eat World . I expect this from Vote or Not, MoveOn, and the DCCC, but you know things are bad when rock n' rollers are begging you to vote. update: Now iTunes is bugging me to vote too! Alright already i'll vote more than once if I have to. As they say, vote early and often.

Cobra Commander in 2004

Who better to fight terrorism than an evil genius?