Third time's a harm

Hi. I'm Grant Shellen, Jason's (and Taylor's) younger brother and Vice President of Footwear and Haircare Products. This is my third attempt to post here, due to browser-related complications (I suspect there is some kind of voodoo curse on my work computer), so my initial post will be substantially shorter than I intended. This is a shame, since the original one was hilarious, touching on everything from a story about the time I stole Jason's "Return of the Jedi" hat in preschool to Jason's habit of beating interns. On second thought, maybe it's better this way. Barring any future technical problems, I'll be "filling in the gaps" here at since it's much easier for Jason to just upload cameraphone shots of his son, transportation-related signs, discarded gum, etc. than to actually sit down at a computer and type a few words. Plus, as a writer, I'm using this as a shameless opportunity to increase my name recognition. Enjoy!


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