Big Brother

I remember opening the gift Jason gave me for my 18th birthday. As is a popular custom among brothers, he gave me some movies and CDs. I was stoked about the movies (both volumes of the Ace Ventura series, I believe), but not so much about the albums. I returned two of them to the store (R.I.P. Fremont Hub Tower Records—you are missed): No Knife's Fire in the City of Automatons and Fountains of Wayne's Utopia Parkway.

Five years later, both bands are among my favorites, and the one CD I did keep (remember Len?) is collecting dust on the shelf.

It's not the first time I've regretted not siding with Jason musically. Both Taylor and I ripped on him for liking Cake's first album, but when the second came out I wish I'd been on the ground floor. I never even bothered to listen to his Posies CDs until he had left the house, at which point I fell in love. I always thought Depeche Mode's electronic sound was lame, and now I'm trying to figure out if my band can pull off any of its songs. And Duran Duran...let's not even talk about it.

To be fair, I should trust my judgment a little bit, because I never came around on the "trip-hop" or techno (with the exception of Chemical Brothers) Jason was into during the mid-'90s, nor will I ever share his appreciation for Coldplay.

But next time he gives me an album I don't immediately like, maybe I'll stick it in the cellar and let it age before I swap it for American Hi-Fi's next record or something.


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