The persian weblogs meeting

Amir's photo of the annual Iranian webloggers at the Tehran book festival.


  1. Hello
    I'm a persian blogger...
    when I surfing the internet i see you have linked azemati...then I gasped and wondered...we are blogger but the government don't pay any attention to us(/not all)...i know lots of iranian bloggers that they work anonymously...please please upgrade your ...we can't type in persian with your system...this is my weblog address...

  2. Hi, I bet you freaked out with that comment " goverment donot pay attention" ! I am a persian blogger and I still do not know what some of us expectiong from goverment. I mean common what goverment's got to do with weblogs. anyway Amir's asked to leave a comment about the persian blogger community, Oh well it has been growing very fast in lasr few years, especially with movabletype publishing system which is very popular amoung persian bloggers, most of them are high school juniors and Uni students, what else? most of them started by blogger (still very popular amoung persian bloggers)any more questions ? :)


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