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Make magazine coverI really like the idea behind Make Magazine. It sounds like a Ready Made (which is also great) for the geek set. That's nice and all but some of us geeks are busy geeks. While I might have the time and energy to link to a $14 Steadycam or a homemade bottle cap tripod I don't have the time required to make one.

However, I'll bet one of you out there does have the time. How about opening up a little interweb store to sell the things you make from Make? I see a $14 Steadycam in my future, only it will cost $28 plus shipping and handling and it will still be less than an actual SteadyCam. Bring it on.


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  2. That's a pretty good idea. And, in case anyone gets the notion they can do the same thing in bulk by outsourcing the manufacturing process to a 3rd world country, each geek registers his signature file on the Make store site. Then his signature file is encrypted using a checksum algo only the Make Store admins know. Then, when each package is shipped out, the geeks shipping them print out their key for that item. Unless the key the geek made and the one you received with your package match, it's not genuine.

    And isn't being genuine why they can mark up the product 100% anyway?

    I think it's a great idea Jay. Let me know when you want to start putting a site together :) I got my checksums in hand!


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