The definition of a thinly veiled threat

"It's absolutely essential that eight weeks from today, on Nov. 2, we make the right choice, because if we make the wrong choice then the danger is that we'll get hit again and we'll be hit in a way that will be devastating from the standpoint of the United States"

Cheney Warns Against Vote for Kerry | AP

Thanks for playing boys and thanks for the past four years of fear, war, and trampling on the Constitution. I won't miss you one bit.

I'll be voting for justice, human rights and action. Don't forget to register to vote if you haven't already.


  1. Actually, polls show Americans feel safer now than 3 years ago.

  2. Cybercast News Service is a very conservative news source, so to provide some balance here is a sample of some recent polls: Polling Report on Terror.

    I don't think there is a clear, 'I feel safer' vibe emanating from this country. In fact most Americans feel another attack is immanent according to the poll you linked to. If you are into numbers as justification though, What do you make of this? I'm not trying to peg our lack of safety on Bush, but I'm not going to give him another term to figure it out.

  3. >>In fact most Americans feel another attack is immanent according to the poll you linked to.Yes, but this doesn't mean the President Bush is doing a bad job. It could mean that 9-11 just woke Americans up to the danger of terrorism. It could mean that Americans feel that as long as there is terrorism, we won't be safe. George Bush has shown (with Iraq) that he will expand the war on terrorism beyond Al Qaeda and Afghanistan.

    First, I think Michael Moore is a propagandist and anti-American. But for the "numbers", I think a lot of them are irrelevant. A lot ask 'number of times Bush said this BEFORE 9-11 in public' ... well, I don't really care what he said in the 9 months (which is a short period to be changing this country’s priorities on wars). But lets just take a few and I'll give my reactions:
    >>83 Number of times Bush mentioned Saddam, Iraq, or regime (as in change) in his three State of the Union addresses
    Well, a war in Iraq is a big priority for Americans. That number is right on target. Americans don't want to hear "we haven't got Osama" we want to hear "we captured/killed 80% of Al Qaeda".

    >>$1m Estimated value of a painting the Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas, received from Prince Bandar, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States and Bush family friend.

    This means??? Don't you think it would be a good thing to have allies in the Middle East? I do.

    >>79 Percentage of the 11 September hijackers who came from Saudi Arabia.

    I would like to know if that's just born in Saudi Arabia or actually came directly from living there to the US. Secondly, Saudi Arabia has been doing a lot since 9-11 on terrorism.

    >>55 Percentage of the Iraqi workforce who were unemployed before the war.

    >>80 Percentage of the Iraqi workforce who are unemployed a Year after the war.

    Obviously the country is under a war environment. What is the point of all this "life was better w/ Saddam?" it wasn't.

    Should I go on? I think you get my stance from that.

  4. You certainly have Chance, and I'm afraid we are going to have to agree to disagree. I think Bush has not improved life in America and in fact has put us at more risk with his war mongering as I've stated in the past. Moore is a true patriot pointing out what is wrong with the system so it can be fixed... say in November.

    You feel Bush has done a good job. I wish I could feel the same way, but I don't. See you at the polls.

  5. those guys are really in a sad path to play with fear like that. but they could win with this basic marketing. the french president was elected 2 years ago by using a 4 months "insecurity" media campaign. People in the deep country side were building big iron doors in order to protect themselves against attackers seen in tv ...And the fear was guidened by first and second channels.
    sometimes I hate technology.
    please remember we want peace on our side and vote the guys that could help go out of fear.

  6. ah and I forgot to say:

    At the french election the "insecurity" stopped, believe me, the day after the election. we are THAT stupid.

  7. Unfortunately, Bush is relying heavily on the fear factor. I think we need to be very careful when we look at polls judging how safe Americans "feel." Is that the real issue?

    This very president, who stresses that he wants to keep Americans safe, is about to let the Ban on Assault Weapons expire. These are the weapons used by drug dealers, violent gangs, and terrorists. This is also the ban that George Bush promised to renew when he ran for President the first time. Feel any safer?

    Look at our stature in the world community. Following the tragic events of 9-11, the entire world reached out to us in compassion. The President's response sounded more like he was the "Sheriff of Dodge" than like the leader of the free world. He has managed to take the unity of our own citizens, and the solidarity with the rest of the world, and turn it into anymosity and division.

    George Bush ignored religious leaders, the U.N., and his own citizens, and rushed to war with Iraq. We have lost over 1,000 American soldiers in this war. Our government doesn't keep figures for how many Iraqi have died. I guess we're not supposed to care. Estimates are from 11,000 to almost 14,000. Add that to our 1,000, then add in the injured - more figures we're not given. Does the removal of Saddham Hussein justify this? There's always another dictator-in-waiting. We are creating more terrorists by our actions than we are removing.

    Our country needs to rebuild our international relationships. We must honor our agreements and treaties. We want to be seen as strong, but moral, ethical, and fair. We need a fresh start. This will not happen as long as George Bush is our President. He's burned too many bridges. We can rebuild those relationships with John Kerry as President.

    There are many more issues relating to human and civil rights, peace, and justice to consider. I want a President with integrity. I want someone I can trust. George W. Bush has done nothing to deserve my trust or my vote. My vote is too precious to waste on fear. I trust John Kerry and he gets my vote.

  8. Cheney’s “thinly veiled” remark dovetails perfectly with the (not so) stealth theme of the GOP convention—Vote for Bush or die! Paging Zell Miller, Mr. Miller please report to the men in the white coats….

    Perhaps Cheney thought he needed to be more, uh, direct…? I don’t know his motivation for those remarks, but as an American, I find them very offensive, irresponsible, and bordering on McCarthy-esque. Or should I say Ashcroftian?

    In any event, I just hope people vote (Kerry) in this election (Kerry) and may the best (Kerry) man win (Kerry). Yeah that’s the (Kerry-Edwards) ticket! VOTE!

    See you at the polls……

  9. Wow! Intense political disucssion on shellen. Should your blog now be named dailyshel, shelios, or instashellen?

  10. I prefer 'The Shellen Conspiracy'.

    Actually, that's the name of my intenal blog at work.


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