America 24/7 and custom covers

Perhaps you have seen the book, America 24/7. The book is full of great 'images from One American Week' as shot by different photographers. It's a great book and they have a feature on the book site that let's you order your own custom cover based on a photo you upload.

That's a rendered copy of the cover I ordered for my Dad not long ago on the left. Here is the original photo. My Dad loved the cover but I just recently saw it in person and it's a great high quality continuous tone print. I highly recommend making your own. If you already own the book, you can just order the cover. Personal publishing - I love it in any form.


  1. This reminded me of a post on on Joi Ito's blog a long time ago, personalized classic books that star the buyer. They have a photo cover too ( Customized Classics)

  2. BlogBinders is a variation on that same personal publishing theme. Imagine the possibilities! While they can only publish the text at this point, they are working on being able to include photos too. When that happens, we will all be able to publish our own version of America 24/7.

    Cool, huh?

  3. The authors of America 24/7 have a couple new projects in the works and are looking for submissions.

    They are currently soliciting photographs for two new books--Cats 24/7 and Dogs 24/7. They even have some cool prizes if your photo is chosen for publication. But you better hurry--you only have until November 17th to enter your photograph in the mix.


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