Even his hairdresser can't tell

I started having my hair cut at a new place in the last year or so. On one of my first visits the woman who owns the place cut my hair and started asking me a few questions. It went like this:
Stylist: So where do you live?
Me: Castro Valley
Stylist: Oh, do your folks live there?
Me: (thinking that that was an odd question) No.
Stylist: They don't? So do you live on campus or something?
Me: (dying of laughter) No. Actually, I live in my house with my wife and son.
Stylist: NO! You look like your 19 or 20 tops!
Now perhaps this woman hasn't had an eye exam in a while but it made my morning that day. It's my birthday tomorrow, in a few minutes actually, and I thought I would share something that made me feel young - even though that ticker just keeps hitting higher numbers my baby face is helping me fool the world! Here's hoping 31 looks just as good.


  1. Hairdresser sounds so 1950's. I think they prefer the term "stylist" these days! ;-)

  2. Thanks, I knew I was looking for a different word.

  3. The thirties just keep getting better. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like she wants to keep you as customer. The lady at the liquor store we buy beer at says the same thing when she asks for ID - "you don't look older than 20!". Yeah right.

    Happy Birthday Shellen!

  5. I suffer from a similar affliction. I like to think it's due to my innocent, doe-like gaze, but in reality it's probably more related to acne. Anyways, have a great birthday!

  6. Jason, I was sort of waiting for the right day to say congratulations for your whole career at Google. Well, I just saw in my fried's list at Orkut that the right day has come: it's your birthday today!

    So, congrutalions!
    From your friend in Brazil,

    Rosana Hermann


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