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Heather, interrupted

Warm wishes for a safe and fast recovery Heather.

Joe Trippi in a Blogger T on MSNBC!

Basic cable here we come!



PHP iCalendar

Looks promising.

Even his hairdresser can't tell

I started having my hair cut at a new place in the last year or so. On one of my first visits the woman who owns the place cut my hair and started asking me a few questions. It went like this: Stylist: So where do you live?
Me: Castro Valley
Stylist: Oh, do your folks live there?
Me: (thinking that that was an odd question) No.
Stylist: They don't? So do you live on campus or something?
Me: (dying of laughter) No. Actually, I live in my house with my wife and son.
Stylist: NO! You look like your 19 or 20 tops! Now perhaps this woman hasn't had an eye exam in a while but it made my morning that day. It's my birthday tomorrow, in a few minutes actually, and I thought I would share something that made me feel young - even though that ticker just keeps hitting higher numbers my baby face is helping me fool the world! Here's hoping 31 looks just as good.

Lance Armstrong on the streets of San Francisco

The T-Mobile International is a great time!

Coke Buddies For Truth

Fair is fair.

You Have Bad Taste in Music

Great video from the Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake show in LA.

Bush was AWOL in 1972

Lost Weekend?

The best Mac HTML editor?

Ask any Mac lover what the best HTML editor is and invariably, you will hear BBEdit back as the answer. I'm asking you though, is it really the best? It's almost worth keeping a PC around just to use Homesite. I'll take damn near any version of Homesite too: 4.0 - 5.5 +, whatever you've got. Homesite has code coloring, a folder interface for FTP sites, takes code snippets, browser preview and was originally developed by Nick Bradbury back in the days before it was a Macromedia product. I have Dreamweaver for Mac and PC but I think it's overkill for the most part. Does anyone have a favorite Mac HTML editor that isn't BBEdit or Dreamweaver?

Are You a Good Googler

Old Yahoo Internet Life article about Google. Also by Googler they mean - user of Google not - an employee.

It's Just the 'internet' Now

Wired runs out of things to write about.

Have fun in there!

I've been wondering how to mention this here and Drew just did about the cutest thing ever so now seems like an appropriate time to share. Drew is now 2 and says fun stuff on a daily basis, but this was great. We are hanging out in the family room. Drew walked up to Allison's stomach and leaned over and said: Hi baby! What's you doing in there? Have fun! Be careful in there. That's right, Drew has a little sibling on the way. January to be exact. Allison is feeling fine now that morning sickess is behind her and Drew and I are excited and ready. I know I made a pretty big deal about this sort of announcement last time, but I couldn't possibly be busier these days. I'm sure two children will test the outer limits of the word busy.

Office Space soundboard

Totally using this on my next call.

Government gives nod to new TiVo feature

SFGate reports: "Federal regulators on Wednesday approved technology allowing TiVo subscribers to send copies of recorded shows over the Internet."One huge feature request down and two to go. Next up, sending files to your home computer for local playback. After that, the ability to burn those files as playable DVD or VCDs. I'll be over here on the edge of my seat if anyone needs me.

The World Star Gazette

Superior News from a Source You Can Trust

Google Dance 2004

Photos from the 2004 Google Dance.

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