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Big news today for Blogger users... WYSIWYG editing. Please note that this does not mean one should start using horrible color choices, just because one can.


  1. I'm all for innovation.. but it crashed my firefox browser twice and it messes too much with the formatting for a standard post (double line breaks, etc). I have high hopes that the blogger peeps can fix it though :S

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  3. I tried to delete my above post, but I was logged in and it kept saying it found errors and when I logged in, it took me to my dashboard. told me to refresh Firefox and now I see the new editor. It is one giant leap for Blogger kind.

  4. WysiWig editor is much nicer and have had no issues yet... I'm using ie v6.
    Any idea if the "presumed" functionality of posting images to a blog via a cell phone will be out this month? I'll be moblogging the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose the beginning of August and am wondering if I actually need to write the code on my server to do the trick.

  5. i like it and i don't. my only complaint so far is that the rich editing is on by default - and there's no way to turn it off.

    jason dowdell: you may want to give flickr a look. they've done a lot of great work on moblogging applications lately. they'll post and host your photos, and it's great fun.


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