Blogger: Live from the DNC

So we've been working on this you have ever visited the Blogger offices we call it the post scroller. We have an LCD projector pointed at the wall that displays a post at random from the Blogger database. In essence, our team gets to see on a daily basis what bloggers are talking about and how they are using Blogger. It's very cool. We've always wanted to do a version that everyone can see and enjoy - and this is a step in that direction.

This version of the post scroller has been customized to track posts from the blogosphere about the Democratic National Convention. It's not just from Blogger users (nor just Democrats)! It's very alpha and I hope it doesn't fall over. It's definitely not official. I showed a few folks at the BlogOn conference and they liked it so we decided to let you in on the fun. Enjoy.

A few additional notes:

  • The posts should cycle about every 7 seconds
  • You can pause it (I love this feature). Hit 'p' while the scroller is running. Go back by hitting '[' and forward by clicking ']', unpause by hitting 'P' again.
  • This pulls feeds intelligently every 5 minutes and caches them. If a feed hasn't changed it's not downloaded.
  • We've tried to include all the credentialled bloggers, additional politiblogs and some blogs have been included based on a content filter.
  • What to bookmark:
  • More info on convention bloggers in Biz's Blogging from Boston article.
  • Questions, comments, feedback and cold hard cash should be directed to our summer intern Pete Hopkins who whipped this up. Of course, Wetherdeal made it pretty - and he's not even done yet. Clearly my effort was in eating Ring Dings and gesticulating wildly at the screen from my position on the chaise, and it still didn't turn out too bad.


  1. Jason, I've found that Funyuns are better than Ring Dings when you are trying to manage a team from the chaise. They make a crunchier sound and the bag has a pungent oniony scent. Both qualities cause people to look in your direction more frequently, thus providing better opportunities for gesticulation and random commentary like "Garamond? Good Lord, why are you using Garamond for that!?" Hope this helps

  2. Well, if you say it... Believing you !
    I dream of... ecosse... (Scotland if you prefer)


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