Allison's 30th birthday

My lovely bride Allison is turning 30 today. When she turned 20 I went around town with a video camera and recorded birthday greetings from all her friends and family. The golden moment however, was when three construction workers outside of 7-11 volunteered to sing 'Feliz CumpleaƱos'. If I were some sort of video stud, I would have that digitized and linked their song from this very post. Alas - no. Perhaps some other time.

No - today dear friends, because I have blocked Allison's IP address at home - I ask you to wish her a happy birthday as well. She won't see this until tomorrow so unleash whatever artwork, audioblog, mp3, comment to this post,link, subdued humble e-greeting or tasteful e-card in honor of her day. I'll link the best one's here tomorrow if you want to address them to me. Let's see how this goes. I would love another golden moment for her 30th.

Yes, I know that her 20th birthday was ten years ago, clearly we started dating shortly after we lost our baby teeth. Happy birthday Allie!



  2. Bonne Fete Chere Allison! My two little guys could sing Happy Birthday in French for her, loved the impromptu Spanish Happy Birthday song!


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