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Before one can iPod ones BMW, or VW as the case may be here, one must have an iPod. Sure I could spend all day reading iPodLounge but this is the LazyWeb at it's best (or worst?). You are my readers, friends, compadres, creepy weirdos that IM me at 2AM and I trust you - what do I need to know before taking the leap,?

Have you found the 40GB iPod to be overkill? Does a pink iPod enhance the experience that much? Is there an accessory you can't live without? Do I need the docking station, remote and a ruberized iCondom? Comment on!


  1. Hey Jason,
    who cares? we all know you're getting one regardless :)
    and after that you're getting a BMW, unfortunately the iPod thing isn't available for the Z8 ...

  2. Ouch! That transparent huh?

    I'm glad you think that the Z8 thing will be an issue for me, considering I just saw a used 2001 for $95K the other day it probably won't be a topic of discussion in our house.

  3. Jason: The miniPods are pretty amazing... better interface in some abstract way I can't explain. And they're smaller than they... seem... so if you can stand the smaller unit (and no BMW), go for it. Just don't get pink! ;-)

  4. "I just saw a used 2001 for $95K the other day it probably won't be a topic of discussion in our house."

    Stock Options, Stock Options, Need i say it again.

    Have you looked at other players besides the iPod. I'm not convinced the iPod is the end all.

  5. sorry for the transparency dude! :)

    yes, I really hope you get the z8 soon.

    About the iPod, I don't have one, but I have another mp3 player. The bang for the buck, the iPod is really the best way to go. Storage is the key.

  6. I know a bunch of people with ipods, almost everyone has smaller 10gig and 15gig models (I have a ten gig one). Everyone loves them.

    I only know two people with giant 40gb ipods and both seem to use them as external hard drives as much as music boxes. I would guess both have maybe 10 gigs of music, and the rest is data backups, movies, software, and other files.

    ten gigs has been fine for me so far, I only have about 7 gigs of music in iTunes even though I ripped a bunch of my CD collection and get new stuff all the time. Getting an ipod working in a car is the ultimate nirvana. I've currently got the slightly assy cassette tape interface which is good but not great. The FM transmitters are all crap, especially in the bay area where every inch of radio spectrum is taken by a university, NPR station, or tiny jazz outfit.

  7. I forgot to mention -- I don't think the ipod mini's 4gigs is super small, but I found after a couple months of ripping and downloading music, I would be over that amount and if I was going to buy an ipod today I'd probably want the 15 or 20 gig model, so I could have extra space for file storage.

    It also depends on where you want to use your ipod. If you have any intention of running with one on, then the ipod mini starts making more sense. I found a regular sized ipod is a bit big to hold while running, and strapping it to my body ended up with skips and shutdowns from the hard drive. If you're just using it in the car and occasionally on plane flights, then a regular one with more storage is probably a better idea.

  8. I have every iPod ever made (except the pink one of course). The true capacity test for me is to take an iPod on a flight overseas. For my personal listening preferences, anything over 20GB gives me enough room to get to London and back. Love the iPod Mini design and interface, but it needs more room. My solution was to have four of them.

    >>Have you found the 40GB iPod to be overkill?
    Yes. I would also consider the Z8 overkill.
    >>Does a pink iPod enhance the experience that much?
    Don't know (see above).
    >>Is there an accessory you can't live without? Do I need the docking station, remote and a ruberized iCondom? Comment on!
    I have tried just about every iPod gadget. Most of them ended up in the junk drawer.

  9. If you get an iPod, make sure you get a set of high quality headphones if you don't already have them. The ones the iPod ships with are decent compared to other freebie phones, but you really need something better to get full quality. Shure E3 are a good bet for in-ears, and Grados or Sennheisers will do well if you want full-size.

  10. Jason... it was a long process to be able to comment on your webpage. First I had to set up a blog... that's a bit overkill I would say.


    I had my iPod 5GB for more than two years now. It's still working but I'm interested in a new model now. When I started out, my whole collection could easily fit on it, now it's 4 times as large as my iPod. But still, I'll go with the iPod Mini's 4GB.
    I would love to have all my music on me, but having an even smaller iPod is more attractive to me. If you are gonna have it in your BMW all the time, I guess you might as well just buy the largest capacity iPod.

    The way I come around the not big enough Ipod is with better playlists. Make them smart and give me a mixture of preferred songs as well as random new ones to constantly freshen up the music I carry around.
    The iPod Mini might not be big enough to mug anyone, but that's kinda okay to me...

  11. I have the 20 gig and I am def out of room, I think that the real question you need to ask yourself is do you eventually see yourself converting all of your CD's and are you a heavy downloader? I dont like to have to pick and chose what music I want when, esp. ahead of time. With my iPod full I am stuck in a constant battle of what playlists make the cut, and when your on a roadtrip and your buddy says lets play some guns and roses, Its probally not something that made my cut but at that moment I wish it had.

    I also have a VW which is nicely outfitted with my iPod hook up, at one point I owned every FM transmiter that they made but I really found the best accessory to be the Belkin Auto Charger and just a cassete adapter that plugs into that ...Everytime i get in my car I set my iPod's clip in the vent and then plug just the Belkin in ...it serves as an amp, charger and the audio source all with one plug...very nice.

    Whatever you do protect the screen, cheap and easy thing i wish I had done from day 1 was use some mailing tape and cut out a square to cover it from scratches.

    I like the iSkin EVo cases the best of all...Dock is not a necessity.

    Good Luck.

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  13. Hey Jason... not sure which car you are getting, but in case you don't get one of the BMW's that support the iPod there are other ways of connecting an iPod to your car. I have my setup with pictures and an explanation of each part I used on my blog. It was a really simple setup. Looks pretty good too. If you or anyone else wants some more info feel free to email me or leave a comment on my blog.


  14. Sorry for the multiple posts Jason, but is there a way you can make the site I posted above a clickable link. I could not figure out how to do that. It's just in plain text. Thanks.

  15. See? You bought one!!! Which one did you get?

  16. Jason,

    1. Do not get a 4gig unit... that is way too little space. You don't want to have to put "slices" of your music collection on your iPod. The whole concept is having all your music/audio books with you at all times. I suggest getting a 20gig+. Also, people are putting albums online at 320kbs which makes for much better sound but also requires additional disk space.

    2. Hook the iPod direct to your car stereo... I have the direct hookup on my MINI and the sound is great. It changes driving, especially when you start downloading audio books, the Howard Stern show commercial free and all the live concerts available on bit torrent.

    Rock on my brotha... Jason

  17. I know we just met and all, but could you do me a favor? You could? Okay, great. Here's what I'll be needing...

    A full summary report on your thoughts on the iPod crossreferenced with all the thoughts and comments of everyone you know and/or any random people that have commented on your blog with advice. I'm thinking about buying one myself but haven't had the time to check it out. Oh, who am I kidding? Okay. I've been too lazy to research it AT ALL.I expect a full report on my desk by first thing Wednesday morning.

    No, I'm not kidding. Hey, don't look at me like that! I'm just saying...

  18. J,
    Get the iPod with the most memory, but DO NOT--I repeat--DO NOT buy it in pink. Pink is cruel on the eyes (the color, not the singer... although sometimes she is, too) and will absolutely devastate your musical experience.

  19. Have you looked at alternatives? Like, say, the iRiver? Twice the battery life, slick remote, nearly as small, and cheaper than the iPod. I'd say it's worth considering.

    Headphones - If you're looking for really small, super-portable phones, you should look into the Sony MDR-EX71SL's. They even come in white if you're into matching your iPod. Hehe. Anyway, these are pretty nice headphones; they block almost all noise, just like earplugs. Another consideration - the Shure E2C's. They're a step up from these, and I haven't tried them, but I'd be willing to bet they're good. You might also want to look into some Etymotic plugs.

    That's about all I have to recommend on that subject, but I thought I should also comment that you have really good taste in music. (IMHO, of course...) <3 Weezer. :)

  20. I have a silver iPod mini, and I've used about 3 out of the 4 Gb of memory. I was able to rip most of my collection onto it, and I am very happy with it. It is small, versatile and it is a good MP3 player. I wish that the battery would last longer, but it should get you through a full day. Good luck getting a hold of one...


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