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TiVo Customer Suggestions

Let Tivo know what you would like to see in the next version.

iPod me

Before one can iPod ones BMW, or VW as the case may be here, one must have an iPod. Sure I could spend all day reading iPodLounge but this is the LazyWeb at it's best (or worst?). You are my readers, friends, compadres, creepy weirdos that IM me at 2AM and I trust you - what do I need to know before taking the leap,? Have you found the 40GB iPod to be overkill? Does a pink iPod enhance the experience that much? Is there an accessory you can't live without? Do I need the docking station, remote and a ruberized iCondom? Comment on!

This is broken (special US Gov edition)

Just in case you were wondering how broken email is: Unfortunately, due to the volume of mail I receive, I cannot respond individually to messages sent from third parties or websites other than my official Senate website. If you wish to send a personalized message via the internet, please use the email form on my website: Please know that my staff will tally your input today... Senator please. Update : Maybe the US Government is broken, not just email as previously speculated.

Commercial Alert

Stop aggressive marketing towards children. If you dont speak up for them no one will.

Safari RSS

Supports Atom out of the box!

MacOS survival notes

Cmon Nelson - iOrganize will rock you!

A brief message about why my TiVo and Treo, rule

From: TiVo - Your DVR Your online request for "60 Minutes" has been received. This program is now scheduled to record and appears in the To Do List. Best regards, TiVo This is the confirmation email I received from TiVo after I: Heard that Michael Moore was going to be on 60 Minutes Was miles from home and wished I could somehow schedule my TiVo to record this show Turned to my trusty Treo 600, and pointed the browser to Tivo Central Online to sign-in and schedule this recording Return home to find 60 Minutes recorded perfectly per my request. I know I live in the future a bit, being an early adopter and all, but the future is grand - and highly recommended.

iPod Your BMW

Like I needed one more reason to buy either of these fine works of art.

Cheney drops F-bomb on senate floor

A frank exchange of f-youz.

Customize your lips

...your shirt lips

The Calgary Sun: Am-Bushed

Turns out peaceniks were the real patriots all along

gCount - gMail message count

For Mac users. Neat.

HELLO (San Francisco)

Talk about friend of a friend

Organizer cancels Comdex 2004

First Lollapalloza now Comdex, next up Christmas!

Lollapalooza 2004 cancelled!

Now where am I going to catch Sonic Youth and Morrissey on the same bill???

Dive into favorite jokes

Mine is #52

Google Search: oh hot baby

shellen dot com - home of hot babies

Blogging: A Web Diary Tour

NPR with a blogosphere rundown.

I know they call it a quiet period but sheesh!

Ok, back on the air. A few things: The move went well. We are now in our new home and have a few unpacked boxes here and there but in general things have gone well. We did lose a set of car keys but I haven't been sufficiently convinced that they aren't mixed in with the box of dried flowers and candles. Only time will tell. Allie, Drew and I caught a gnarly stomach flu. I'll spare you the details, but we are no worse for wear. Pleasanton is 10 degrees hotter on average than our old place. Yow! I love a walk-able downtown! I especially enjoy taking my steed of restored cruisers out for a spin down Main Street. My one complaint is that one of my favorite local coffee shops closed the week we moved in! Looks like it didn't survive a recent acquisition. Acquisitions are hard, even in coffee. Have I mentioned the new house has ethernet in every room? WiFi is just icing on the cake now. I keep adding weird things to like Google Groups Beta integratio…

Themed Fonts

Scooby Doo font - where are you?


Just what I needed.


Revolutionary Online Stapler Simulation

PhotoMatt goes out on top

Like Michael Jordan, I'm sure he'll be back.

Bluetooth Bounty

The not-so-lazyWeb approach to getting what you want out of your hardware of choice

Saves the Day, The Alps bassist Sean Mc Grath loses battle with cancer

28-year old Sean leaves behind a fiance and some of my favorite music. RIP.

The father of www finally gets his due

1.2M is still a tad less than a Jeff Bezos or Jerry Yang made, but it will keep you neck deep in Eskimo Pies.

Elevator For Sale

Gotta love Craigslist.


If I crane my neck around my cubicle wall I can hear the strains of Yellowcard. They and about 20 other bands are playing the local alt-radio station festival (BFD) at the Shoreline Amphitheatre today. I think I'm going to take a longer than normal afternoon coffee break and wander a bit nearer the festival stage to hear the Von Bondies. Unfortunately, the great bands like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, The Strokes and the Beastie Boys will be taking the stage right around the time I'll be back in Pleasanton. At least I'll get to hear the musical stylings of the um, well, the Silicon Valley Houserockers at the Concert in the Park. Yep. Perhaps P-town can persuade The Strokes or the B-Boys to perform at one of their deals soon.

Gore NYU speech excerpts

Where the @*%$ was this Gore in 2000?

Turn your PC into a Mac - Engadget

Christ, what have I started?

Found: Item of the Week

April 25th is my favorite.

The Cowbell Project

Bruce Dickenson would approve.

Who is Automated Marketing Solutions Inc.?

...and why no link back from their many sites. Weird.

Honor the Gipper with a smoke

Great find - by my buddy Chris at

Getting out of Dodge, er Castro Valley

Have I mentioned that I'm moving? It's not far, but it is 15 minutes closer to the office. Not as the crow flies, but as the car rolls. Traffic is weird. Anyway, we are moving out of our current house in Castro Valley and heading for downtown Pleasanton. Pleasanton is nice. Parts of Pleasanton are in black and white but I hear there are areas that are getting color now. I'm taking a couple of days off of work while we move. We should have internet access again tomorrow, but with a mountain of boxes it might take a few days to get everything all set-up. See you on the other side.

SoundRec for Treo 600

Free sound recorder released for the Treo 600! Even exports to WAV.

danah boyd, google intern

Hoping to soak up some smarts this summer - I of course mean me.

Ten things about Steve Jenson

Steve Jenson does not eat cookies. It's not that he doesn't like them, he just doesn't eat them. Steve's DSL is currently down. Your regularly scheduled SaladWithSteve is down too because Steve's DSL is wack. Steve uses WD40 instead of suntan lotion. He is a native Oregonian. Stacy has been putting up with Steve for as long as I can remember. Even when his DSL outage means her website is down too. Steve knows more about Atom than anyone in a 5 mile radius. Steve can dance a mean jig. In his downtime, Steve programs in Lisp, FOR FUN!!! I would like to begin referring to Steve as Redbeard, but fear reprisal. Before his father came to visit not long ago, Steve ordered cable with all the sports channels so his Pa would have something to watch. What a good son! This has been an exercise in expanding Steve's Googlism. Let's give 'er a few days and check back.

the OQO computer

Fits in the palms of your hands.

Microsoft granted patent for double-click

Uh oh.

At the Atom Community meeting

Atom Meeting
Originally uploaded by jasonshellen.
Lotsa dudes here.

By the way, I reposted this since Stewart Butterfield emailed to let me know there are new 'non-assy' templates for Blog This from Flickr.

Complete Guide to Guys

Dave Barry's G2G movie coming soon.

DVRs 'Recapture' 96% Of TV Ad Zapping

DVR owners are more likely to watch TV period, enhancing recall over normal TV viewers.