SprintPCS Camphone blogging with Blogger

A while back, I wrote up instructions for Blogger Pro users describing how to use your SprintPCS Wireless Camera phone with Blogger. Now that all of the features of Blogger Pro are now available to all users, like mail-to-blogger, I thought it might be a good time to bring this up again. I will point out again that this will only work for SprintPCS users and may have issues as it's still only in beta. Here is a sample blog I've been keeping with various Sprint devices and here are the instructions.


  1. Any news on when you will be able use Mail-to-Blogger with picture attachments? I use Cingular for my camera phone...

  2. There's a site SocialCanvas that supports hosting of photos and photo apps that can be embedded within other blog sites, and also accepts emails with photo(s) attachments (works with my ATT Nokia 5650, example ). It has a unique zooming feature and also deals with collections of photos within a single blog entry in a nice way. Here's a Blogger example jko314.blogspot.com.

  3. how do you get custom titles and a larger picture? this is awesome, saved me hours of programming. Thanks for the great features.


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