Dear Spindrift Surfboards,

A few days ago I made your blog a Blog of Note. It sure would be nice if you would fill out a little more information in your Blogger Profile so people could contact you and perhaps buy a surfboard from Spindrift Surfboards. Heck, everyone could use a little more info in their profile.

Your pal,

P.S. Is the surf really any good on the East Coast or do you guys all wish you lived near Huntington Pier?


  1. I live in central Florida (Merritt Island) about 10 minutes from Cocoa Beach. Famed for growing some of the world's top surfers including Kelly Slater. I grew up here and have family in Cali as well and I must admit the surf is usually mushy here. I'd say we get about 30 days a year of head high glassy, workable waves. When a nice swell comes in it's usually from a storm (wind swell) rather than a ground swell which tends to chop up the surf pretty badly.

    My wish would be for glassy Huntington Pier type waves in 72 degree water. Maybe I'll go to Mexico in search of this wave.


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