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Et Tu, O'Neill?

'I'm an old guy, and I'm rich. And there's nothing they can do to hurt me.'

IHT: With bloggers inside, Davos secrets are out

'the barbarians [...] were inside and blogging'

MoodLogic for TiVo

MoodLogic for iTunes should be next

Imaginary Girlfriends

Patrick Dempsey of 'Can't Buy Me Love' fame is branching out.

Dean Dumps Campaign Manager

Joe 'Grassroots' Trippi out!

CBS : Don't Censor Ads

Tell CBS not to censor the truth.

Fugitive Nabbed via Google

Just imagine if he had an Orkut profile!

Guitar Blog

In 2000 this would have been an ecommerce funded dot com.

The OC - Mix 1

I can't believe a Rooney track isn't going to be on this!


Talk show about the show 24

Latest e-mail worm spreading fast

Update your virus software yesterday!!!

One online invitation to

I could have made a killing on Friday!

Justin Frankel finally leaving AOL

Good luck in your future endeavors Justin.

Ricky from 'Better Off Dead' interview

Dan "Ricky" Schneider in The Sneeze.

Bigha Bikes

Great site design and a hilarious animation.

Online reference to reach milestone

2004, year of the wiki?

Atom feeds for all Blogger users

Months of hard work to get the next generation blog API and syndication to our users. Yay!

My child speaks the truth

It has become a daily ritual to ask my 1 1/2 year old son Drew, to define the color of everyday objects. This weekend I asked Drew, 'What color are Mommy's eyes?' and received back an enthusiastic 'GREEN'. When I asked him what color my eyes were, he said 'RED'. Sadly, he was correct. No pain, no gain right? My red eyes were brought on by late nights leading up to today's announcement that Blogger has turned on syndication for ALL free users. I need to take a nap now.

Lopez and Affleck in last ditch attention getting scheme

Guess I can cancel my 'Beniffer' Google News Alert.

Glimpses of Wearcomp

Howard Rheingold on The Feature

Not so fast, Davey...

Photoshop AND Paint Shop Pro have Federal Spyware!


Read feeds on your iPod. Now if you could pair that with text-to-speech...

Pyra incorporated 5 years ago

Proudly involved with Pyra for 3+ of those years.

Pingvin Baseball

Poor little guy!

Howstuffworks 'How Blogs Work'

Who would have thunk that blogs needed this much explaining. They do, but who would have thunk it.

Treo 610 ?

Rumored update to the 600 with Bluetooth, HiRes screen and more. This is when it hurts to be an early adopter.

Boss Swap

We clearly need this show in the US.

Looks like a great replacement.

What if wine isn't wine?

Let the dancing commence.

IBM to add 15K jobs worldwide

4500 in the US alone!

Rock The House

Rafe's take on some CES innovators.


Dropload is a place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time.

5 steps to becoming a cam whore

Ah a wishlist! I knew I was forgeting something.

Pentagon Concerned About Soldier Suicides in Iraq

U.S. soldiers in Iraq are continuing to commit suicide at an usually high rate

eXtreme Segway

Don't try at home.

Google Guide: Special Tools

Guide to the new search tools on Google

Oddly familiar?

Web Developer Extension for Firebird

Even better than PNH Toolbar.

Accessibility Toolbar for IE

Plus a bunch of great web developer tools.

I'm a dream jerk

I'm only a jerk in dreams, I assure you.


I have Nerd Attention Deficit Disorder but it might be in remission.

Desktop Dean 1.1

An update to the free-DesktopDean mini-aggregator

iPodSync 2.5 for Windows

Sync Outlook with your iPod on Windows

Instructions to Everything

No, no! Refrigerate after opening!


There something happening here...

I'm using this logic if ever confronted with a 'No Camphone' policy

Professor Experiments With Life As Cyborg: For example, Mann has created performance art by shooting video in stores that prohibit it, using handheld cameras more noticeable than the "EyeTap" ocular computing system he normally wears. When employees tell him filming is not allowed, Mann points to the stores' own surveillance cameras behind darkened domes in the ceiling. Then he tells the employees that "HIS manager" makes him film public places for HIS security -- how does he know, he tells them, that the fire exits aren't chained shut? -- and that they'll have to talk to HIS manager.His behavior in such showdowns generally provokes hostility, confusion or resigned shrugs. Brilliant!

Apache gaining ground on IIS

Netcraft tells all.

Making Money From Moblogging

I'm quoted in this Wireless Week article.

A big day in music history

After years of prodding, my youngest brother Grant has finally released some of his music on his blog. This is significant for a few reasons. One, as anyone who has ever heard him play live before, you know that he is damn good performer and has an amazing voice. Two, for those of you unfamiliar with us Shellens, we are perfectionists and agonize about releasing anything into the world (this Shellen included). I'm not sure quite why but as Grant explains his hard drive is full of half-song snippets, mine is full of code, photos and designs I may never have the guts to put up here. This is gutsy either way. Three, this is a sign that my pestering works and what big brother doesn't love to hear that? Do yourself a favor and download his work in progress here and let him know what you think. I think it sounds great even in it's rough state, but I can't wait to hear it with a drum track. Go little bro!

New song from Grant Shellen

I love it! Even without a drum track.

45% of Kazaa downloads contain malicious code | Kazaa Delivers More Than Music


Make XP look like that other OS with the X in it.

SprintPCS blogging fix

For some users, Blogger's beta camblog posting via SprintPCS has been flaky. The SprintPCS email being sent to Blogger changed and made things look really strange. This has now been corrected and SprintPCS blog posts should now look much better. Here are my instructions from a few months ago on trying this from your PCS phone.

HP to Sell Own Version of iPod

Also announced plans for home entertainment hub.

USB Server

Excellent idea!

Hacking NetFlix

...and by hacking they mean news. Still cool though.

Leaving no stone unturned in Iraq

Kevin Sites report on his time with the Rasta Warriors tracking down homemade bombs.

SkyBox by Maytag

Personal Beverage Vendor. Sadly, I don't think it allows for charging your buddies for brewskis.


a daily chronicle of the bush administration

BlackBerry service coming to Treo

Instant email for Treo would make it a near perfect device.

You Are Your References

Seth Godin paints a picture of your public private life.

AT&T Wireless secret number

Brought to you by mLife - your life made queazier.

Kabbala may have led Britney to marry

This is the best headline for the Spears faux wedding yet!!!

BlogPulse [BETA]

Automated Trend Discovery for Weblogs

Nielsen names top web sites

Blogger made the top ten!

Macworld SF 2004 - bloggers lunch

Rumors, Jobs Keynote, that guy who wants to talk about his Mac SE, schwag and lots of titanium and translucent plastic are coming to town as part of Macworld SF 2004. What better excuse to have lunch with fellow bloggers? It's become an annual tradition for Mac and PC lovers alike. Let's meet at 1pm on Tuesday the 6th at the top of the South Hall stairs at Moscone Center. Everyone is welcome (you don't even need a Macworld pass). Bring a friend and if you live in the Bay Area come out for the event and link this invite. If the weather is good, we will probably walk to the nearest Specialty's for sandwiches and fresh baked goodies and then head back to Yerba Buena Gardens to eat. If you miss us at 1PM, YBG is where you can probably catch us. Are you gonna make it? update: Help, I don't have a pass to the Keynote! Do you have an extra???