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Samsung PCS Phone with Bluetooth and Camera

All Sprint lovers rejoice!

Vomiting Cause Prevention

'Most serious health problems comes from difficult relationship between people' , probably sick people

Merry Christmas!

Allison, Drew and Jason wish you all a happy holiday season. - The Shellens

Apple preparing low-cost iPods?

The Macworld 2003 rumor was the unveiling of the Video iPod.

How To Give The Last-Minute Gift of Blog

Biz Stone shows you how to make a Christmakkuh miracle.

Give biz bloggers a break!

Don Park proposes that learning can be fun, so don't kick students in the teeth.

Operation Hero Miles

Donate your unused frequent flier miles to American troops. Cool!


The lights in our office are still swinging but I didn't feel it. I was in the elevator. It looks like folks down south might not be so lucky, it's being reported as a 6.4 centered in San Simeon, CA. Folks in the office who aren't native Californians aren't taking it well. Goldman is lying down as we speak. The guy that wrote this article Oakland Tribune: Monster quake could hit Pacific Northwest must feel like a mini-Nostradomus this morning.

updates:San Luis Obispo Tribune: Two dead in earthquake in northern SLO Forums : 'How were you affected?'Doc Searls : Shake HappensAP : Earthquake Shakes Southern CaliforniaCNN: Earthquake hits central California

Power Restored to Most of SF

Many residents still believed drunk.

Chris Wetherell, Googler

This is going to rock the Blogger/Google UI casbah!

free receive-only email. no set up. rss. cool.

Clean sweep

Button detail of the Toto Washlet - December 2003 I doubt the button depicted above is used in the mens room, but you never know. To those who ask 'Why are you taking pictures in the washroom', I say 'Do you have the toilet of the future in your office?'. I bet if you did you would want to capture it for all to see as well. You can always get a Bidet Ole or a Travel Washlet if you don't have the funds for the real deal.

Wal-Mart test 88-cent music service

My guess... it's worth the extra 11 cents for the Apple Experience.

How To Get A Book Deal With Your Blog

Blogger drops knowledge for the 10 of you who can't seem to close the deal.

Canon to roll out nearly 20 new digcams

I'm sure I will regret my s400 purchase faster than ever in 2004.

Student 'sex bracelets' an urban legend?

I just wore 'em cause Rick Schroeder on Silver Spoons wore 'em.

Keyberry and Dongleberry

Great names for some interesting hacks.


Only 24 more hours with this hideous Spider-Man template in place, however a deal is a deal and a buck is a buck. An odd side effect of this template change is a breakthrough in my months long bloggers block. I can feel my normal blogging self coming back to life. I think it might have something to do with figuring out what is bloggable within the confines of a much larger company than I was used to a year ago. Either way it feels better and I hope to keep it up. Quantity over quality may however prevail. update: Ahh... much better. Archived for posterity, 48 hours of in Spider-Man skin.

Joi Ito Googles self

Jason Shellen, Eric Case, Joi Ito, Biz Stone, Steve Jenson, and Jason Goldman. Joi Ito dropped in on the Blogger gang tonight mainly to talk about the Creative Commons, introduce us to the Gollum Rap, and keep his mind off of not drinking. Joi and I were name-badged because of a Google event in another part of the building, not because people were getting us confused with one another. Though I could see how that might happen in the future. Cory Doctorow was there as well and we had a rousing discussion about standards bodies, civil rights, and the EFF. No one was injured.

Blogger Brazil goes paid?

Alert reader, Luiz Eduardo writes in: From today on, for new users, is no longer free. It is part of the "Globo Media Center".Interesting.

Pyra goofball montage

Since Meg was reminiscing, I thought I would add a few mementos. These come from an old hard drive chock full of photos and graphics from the early days of Pyra.

Java Home Media Option

Add internet connectivity to your TiVo... sort of.

T-Mobile Teams for Wi-Fi Roaming

...but I'm on Sprint!!!

Web site

It may appear that my blog was subject to a hostile takeover by a 14-year old comic book fan, but in fact the spidey makeover was voluntary. Co-worker Eric Case threw down the gauntlet; one American greenback for 48 hours of using the Spiderman template on I'm not sure I can make it but here's hoping. If you get the same craving, Sony Studios has made a few Spiderman Blogger and Live Journal blog templates available here. Go nuts.

KnowSpam wrangles with Yahoo! Mail

Spam verification scheme foiled by spam prevention be continued.

I'm a little tired of eFax. I'm going to give this one a try.

Users cling to old Microsoft OSes

My Win 3.1 machine is just fine, thank you very much.

Spider-Man Blogger Templates

Available on the web... get it!

Remote Desktop for Palm OS

...or Windows XP for Palm.

Sony, Bertelsmann Sign Music Merger Deal

I likes my music companies ginormous, how about you?

Pretty women scramble men's ability to assess the future

They used for the study. Funny that a study was needed to prove this.

Blog Meetup SF - [b] there!

While we are usually busy writing code, dreaming up things to code, or generally making wacky faces on the bloggercam, the Blogger team is going to take a rare public appearance at the SF Blog Meetup. It's next Wednesday, December 17th at 7PM (location and details TBD) and we are hoping to meet a large throng of hoodie wearing Blogger users. Hope to see you there and please help spread the word!

Loopholes for the masses

From Tech Law Advisor:If congress bans net taxes then states "stand to lose billions in local telecommunications taxes on phone service. With voice service moving rapidly to the Internet, there is little to stop your local phone company from saying the $50 you are paying them each month is for Internet access and not phone service, and should thus be tax-free." [WSJ] Sounds like a gain for consumers though.


A free CD and DVD burning package

Dean gets surprise Gore endorsement


This is So in The Movie

My brothers and I have been using the same expression to denote a worthy experience to capture on celluloid when we make our movie.

Megnut is ruining Google

C'mon, it's all about personal responsibility Meg.


Making bicycles even more useful.

Tora! Tora! Tora! Airshows

These guys re-enact the Pearl Harbor attack. I wonder how people would feel if 50 years from now people wanted to re-enact the WTC attack. Probably 'not good'.

Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)

From what I've heard about 'Pearl Harbor: The Affleck vehicle' Tora Tora Tora is a much better movie about the day of the Pearl Harbor attack.

SD to CF Adapter

Perfect for multiple card junkies like myself looking to consolidate

Nikon announces D70

Nikon D70, coming to spoil Canon's party? I think I'm still going for the 300D.

James Baker named Iraq debt envoy

I feel an executive branch scandal coming on.

Atom info proposal

Improving the human readability and understanding of Atom feedsOne of the problems associated with current feed formats is the lack of a unified URI handling for feed formats. Currently, clicking on a button or icon denoting 'XML' on a given page will usually result in the display of an XML file in the users browser. The resulting viewable text isn't very human readable and confusing for most users.Continued here...

World's oldest known penis found

Turns out it belongs to Senator Jesse Helms

Technology will either save us or kill us

Scene: I am working from home and instant messaging with my friend and colleague, software engineer Steve Jenson. Steve: I wanted to talk to you about X.
Me: I could give you a call now. What's your extension?
Steve: talk about it with our voices? voices?
Me: yes, with our live actual voices.
Steve: well, it'll be going through a massive computer system so I guess that's ok. ...and scene.

User Savvy

David Wertheimer's new consulting business with a user experience blog to boot.


Union Square in San Francisco - Day after Thanksgiving 2003

Gateway Connected DVD player Review

Excellent review by Matt Haughey!

IMN Releases Integrated RSS Service

I think they are trying to say their email client does RSS.

Tripping through blogs of the stars

My post on celeblogs is almost a year old and perhaps the inspiration for this article.