It's drafty in here

I was just looking at all the things I've never posted to this site. I know that sounds odd but in Blogger you can mark things 'Draft' and they just hang out waiting to be finished (or not). It's great to see what didn't make the cut over the years. I'm not sure why I didn't finish some of these posts or if I was beaten to the punch by another blogger at the time of writing. Either way I found a funny(?) draft post from around the time everyone and their mother was signing a blog book deal that I never posted. Apologies to Rebecca Blood, Biz Stone, and the We Blog crew.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 4, 2002 / -- Jason Shellen announced today in an agreement with no one in particular to not write a book about the weblog phenomenon.

Mr. Shellen made a similar agreement earlier this year with Evan Williams, CEO and President of Pyra.

"I consider Jason a talented guy," said Williams, "and all of us here at Pyra are happy to work with him but his spelling is atrocious and frankly he spends enough time looking at the damn things (blogs) without him spending more time writing a book about them!"

The first title not to be published by Shellen was to be called ‘Blogger: How to win friends and write influential posts’.

In 2003 Shellen is expected to not publish several titles, including 'Pyra Labs: Nope, I’m the other guy', and 'Blog Off! : 101 ways to blog' receives upwards of 5 visits a day, not including his mother's crawling of the site for 'inappropriate content'.

"I am delighted to not be working with a publishing house," said Shellen. "It's a perfect match for both our houses.


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