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A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

via Sprint PCS Vision [update]: Want to see my secret wireless blog test site?
Happy Birthday Taylor!
SpaceMonger is an excellent 2D hard drive space management tool for Windows.
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What's up with blogs? The gentleman who is in the cover photo is Bryan Mason, not me since I was working from home. I hope I haven't missed my 'big in japan' opportunity.

Still tweaking

Since there has been a lot of talk about photoblogs lately, I've added a section for archives of my sidebar photoblog. My only objection to the photoblog (or fotoblog) NYT article is that it makes it sound as if posting photos to blogs is a new thing. Perhaps it's the thought of only posting photos to blogs that is new but that's not either. Perhaps it's the advent of mobile camera phones make this the hot new blog angle. Photos, audio, video it's all good blog fodder. What is a blog post, anyway? : Go to > more videos > library musical.


It's the kind of progress that happens when you wake up the next morning and have to take a shower, so you go to the bathroom, only to discover that this co-op has communal showers, and someone is already in there, and it's a boy. But you have to shower, so off go the clothes and into the shower you go, and this naked boy very politely introduces himself as he's soaping his hair, and he asks, 'What's your name?' An exerpt from Penguin's Progress, which was even funnier with hand gestures when the above writer and I discussed this over lunch today. To include in the next version of Blogger, hand gestures.
All you ever wanted to know about Bubble Tea, or as I call it 'that gross drink with the junk on the bottom'.

I'm prolific... at work

Craig Silverstein of Google told the crowd at ETech that we released an internal version of Blogger in Google. I thought I would tell you a bit about it since it's been interesting and helpful for us in our recent development efforts. Remarkably, we tailored our internal version of Blogger for Google by the end of our fifth week in our new digs. For short 'Blogger in Google' is BIG. A tip for all you smaller web services who get purchased by larger companies, release an internal tool that your co-workers can't live without! Sure, we went from answering tech support for the masses (Blogger Pro, et all) to answering tech support questions in the lunch line but it's been worth it. Our public version of Blogger will benefit from this round the clock scrutiny. All in all it's been a lot of fun, plus I didn't quite make the blogging A-list the first time around, but I have a second shot at work. My internal blog, The Shellen Conspiracy, has certainly seen muc…

I think Blogger is perhaps an Orange Cow

Permission marketing master, Seth Godin just released a new book 'Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable'. For a limited time, Seth will throw in a copy of his 99-page eBook '99 Cows' in PDF form if you send him your electronic receipt. Details at Seth's blog. [update: Seth says go ahead and download the companion PDF from any old place, like this one. Wouldn't hurt to buy the book either. :) ]

Salam (back by proxy)

Our man in Baghdad, Salam Pax is back! Go, read, now! Since Salam has limited access he sent his posts to a fellow blogger, Diana Moon, as Word documents and she has kindly posted them. Amazing stuff.


I should really post something new here, say... tomorrow. It's a deal. Meanwhile, 'What is a blog post?'
A Survey of Blogs and Bloggers by the University of Tennessee
This one won't tell you which flavor of ice cream you would be, it's for science and junk.
An open honest debate between Governor Bush and President Bush on the Daily Show
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