To my friends around the world

What happens if God blesses Iraq?
I know you probably know that President Bush doesn't speak for all Americans but he certainly doesn't stand for anything this American can get behind. I don't believe in the necessity of this war. I don't even believe anything remotely close to an achievable goal has been given for this action. Anyway this isn't a formal argument or even fully formed thought (yet). It's just that I am in a bit of shock and disbelief, just as I felt back in 1991, only this time it's worse because we know the amount of damage we are capable of inflicting on Iraq and we should know better.

For those of you that want to construe my distaste for war as not being supportive of our troops, I have a question for you. When I wish for gang battles to cease between the Crips and Bloods in LA why haven't I once heard someone say 'Oh come on now! That's disrespectful to police officers!'? I hope that peace is achieved and am a friend of justice. I am upset with the leaders that have put the machine in motion. I hope for the safe return of our fellow Americans and for their duties overseas to be swift. I also hope that the peace loving folks in Iraq will remain safe too. I hope God blesses us all.


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