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Grant beheads the turkey

Image - If TiVo Thinks You Are Gay, Here's How to Set It Straight Before you Christian Coalition members get all fired up, this only works for Tivos, not humans.
Barbie's Blog Barbie's mobile looks like a Pocket PC Phone Edition, and it certainly doesn't match her pink Corvette.

Hey what happened to!!!

I've had this redesign sitting on my hard drive for about 4 or 5 months now and figured I should just take the plunge. More than anything I would rather get in the habit of changing the site more often, rather than less. Last time I wanted to redesign, I opened myself up for criticism before committing to the design. Needless to say I didn't bother to redesign at all. I'm sure there are all sorts of things that are caddywampus on the site so please bear with me. I retooled the 'on the beatbox' section and added an 'on the side' section for quick links and stuff that might not necessitate a whole blog post. As always, this is all done using Blogger. The only thing that has stayed the same are my recently redesigned comments. Since I switched the physical server where is held, I can now use the comment count feature. Yay. Anyway, now that there is no going back. What do you think?
Match made at Spago If these two can't make it work, well then you are pretty much in the clear I would guess.

Enough with the earthquakes already

Starting at 4:38 this morning there were another two good-sized earthquakes with about 10 aftershocks so far. I looked at a topographical map of where the quakes are centered. In relation to my house it's under 4 miles away. While I know my house was built to handle this sort of twisting, my 7 month old son is not. There is nothing quite like waking up and running to another room to scoop up your crying son to get your heart really pumping in the morning. On the other hand, I might stop drinking coffee if this fault line stays more active as some people speculate.

Never say blogs aren't informative

From semi-charmed.orgI'm tired, yo. My grandma's coming later today. Therefore, I won't be online late as she's staying in my room. Just as an FYI.

Let the good times roll

It's been a little shaky in the East Bay tonight. I missed the earlied 3.9 quake but just felt a 3.8 and a few aftershocks. This is the most quakes all in a row that I ever remember experiencing. So far everybody is fine and there hasn't been any damage. Rock on.
update: Another 3.5 quake this morning and two 2.8 aftershocks. Fun!

Webcasting Compromise Clears Congress

The legislation approved in Congress does not establish specific royalty rates for webcasters. Instead, it authorizes the music industry's principal royalty collector, SoundExchange, to negotiate binding royalty contracts with small webcasters on behalf of all artists and record labels.from
Excellent news for small webcasters like colleges and independent websites! Thanks to Adina Levin for the good news.

[test over]


If my schedule lightens up, I might have to post content here instead of getting away with a photo every 4 days. Good thing I'm still busy.

Amelie in Rio

ESPM Rio lobby interior - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - August 22, 2002

I took this picture with my old Nikon Coolpix 800 (I have an 885 model now). The original photo looked pretty good but was a little bit cold and grey. That was before I found the 'Amelie Effect Action' plug-in for Photoshop 7. Now it looks like a scene from 'Amelie'. Thanks to Dawn over at for making this! I'm also happy to report that it works in Photoshop 6.0 as well.

Two pair for $50, alas they were out of size 11

Copeland's - San Luis Obisbo, CA - November 3, 2002

In interesting company

I'm in interesting company over at the workspaces exhibit at Somebodydial911. My co-worker at Pyra, Jason Sutter's workspace is neater than expected and Asia Carrera's is a bit more geeky than expected. I'm all the way on page five.

A vote for James Brown

Last night a flat bed truck drove by our office window on Market Street playing live funk music. There were women standing up on the truck dancing. The sign on the back of the truck said 'Pretty Girls Vote'. It did the trick, perhaps a bit too well. The SF Chronicle reports:'The San Francisco elections office stayed true to its haywire history Tuesday when as many as 100 polling places ran out of ballots, leaving hundreds of irate residents unable to vote.' Bummer. However, I am happy to report that although it was a packed house on my side of the Bay, we did not run out of electronic balloting terminals.


I think having a comments system on your blog is as good an idea as sending your phone number directly to telemarketers. There is a chance they will call you with something useful one day but the chances are just as good that they will call trying to sell you tickets to the Young Republicans Winter Ball and Charity Raffle.
Ok, I got tired of the orange background plus it's November now.