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Back in Black

I think I have found a lost member of either Depeche Mode or possibly Modern English. Check out Matthew Black aka Atomic Vision if you want to get lost in the 80's. [ found via gadgetgrrl]

I have so much to say

I should start one of those blog thingers.

'Like Ma Bell I got the ill communication'

I spent the majority of today on the phone for business. I had roughly ten separate calls. All important. All interesting. All that will have lasting impact on Blogger and Pyra in ways I might not know for weeks or months. None of which I can talk about publicly. It was a good day. Hot, but good. I guess I could have just posted a cute anecdote about my son instead of being a tease but for God Sake's people I have to say something in this space. I could potentially combust if I didn't post anything!

The Rock

Installing Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 has just turned my laptop into a doorstop. It comes up with a message about ntoskrnl.exe needing to be replaced and it mentioned something about not cleaning out the raingutters before the last rainy season. I feel like a delinquent. Booting from the original CD has become a frustrating cyclical conversation with my computer: me: Alright computer I'll try 'Repair my installation...'
the computer: Yeah, we are going to need that Emergency Repair Disk we begged you to make upon installation.
me: Well I know your smart, you're a computer for God's sake, but my laptop didn't even come with a floppy drive. What do I do now smarty-pants?
the computer: Please insert Emergency Rescue Disk or F3 to reboot
me: You aren't going to be of any help whatsoever are you?
the computer: No, not really. Please press F3 until you find the right repair procedure via Google. It won't be on, don't even bother looking there.

Lame procedure alert

I was summoned to be a juror next week however I called and I don't have to go in. I do have to call in between 11am and noon on Monday to see if they need me at 1PM. This is a terribly inconvenient system. I would almost prefer to have the whole day ruined to begin with rather than cancel an afternoon of phone calls and meetings in a frenzy on Monday. Oh well, I'll live.

Please remain seated

Yes, I know what your going to say. 'Jason, you said an announcement a week and now there are two in one week.' Sorry.

Life imitates art

From'I just noticed that former G.E. CEO Jack Welch and Springfield Nuclear Power Plant CEO Montgomery Burns are currently neighbors on Yahoo's Most Popular News, both in the classic evil-CEO pose. Here's the screenshot, archived for posterity. Excellent! '

I know you don't come here for the hot Blogger news

But I feel obliged to report it here for some reason. Anyway, a long time ago we asked people what they would most like to see in the Blogger Store and they said XXL t-shirts and messenger bags. We have since printed and sold out a batch of XXL T-shirts. We will make more one day, I promise. We had not offered a messenger bag though, until today. Announcing the Blogger Messenger bag. Bag on.

You have an Evite from George!

Now you can't say you don't get invited anywhere.

Another great day in San Francisco

Canadian Mark Walters on the steep Columbus Avenue descent during the 2002 SF Grand Prix

It's another boy!

My brother Taylor and his wife Theresa welcomed into the world their second son, Luke Ronald Shellen today at 3:44PM. A cute little guy at 7lbs 11oz , still a bit sleepy (Luke and Theresa) but both are doing fine. Pictures forthcoming. The Shellens are multiplying in droves, the rest of you have some catching up to do.

The new office dorm

A blurry shot of Pyra's new collaborative workspace. It's small but it's should be fun and it's not Ev's apartment. Plus the door looks like it should say, 'Sam Spade, PI'. Cool.

I was thinking the same thing

Rick Bruner asks DayPop on the Blink?'What's up with DayPop? It's popular Top 40 feature appears to be on the fritz for the last couple of days. All links are "untitled," with no verticle line charts and the links appear rather random.' Oddly enough a few days ago I received a bunch of traffic from Daypop. Yep, must mean something is wrong. [update] Daypop creator, Dan Chan, is in Rome and will not be back until the 13th of September to fix Daypop. Poor guy will be up to his ears in email.
via ResourceShelf

Frontin' on the front lawn

Jason and Taylor with the back to school blues circa 1983
(or 1953 from the looks of this photo)