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My birthday (abridged version)

I spent an hour and a half at the DMV today renewing my drivers license. It wasn't exactly how I was expecting to spend an hour and a half of my birthday, but the day ended well with chocolate cake, time with family and some dirty jokes about getting physical examinations by your doctor.


My one regret in having been so busy over the last few weeks of product development, international travel, and dreaming up cool new Blogger products... not having enough time to read Mecawilson daily. Matt, I'm sorry. I will begin my 29th year tomorrow with a thorough read of your recent humorous concoctions. By the way, if I didn't know better I would guess that Mr. Wilson is secretly ghost-writing 'Girls Are Pretty'. I could be wrong.

Blog*Spot Plus

Announcing Blog*Spot Plus! What is Blog*Spot Plus you say? Well for all current Blog*Spot users you know that while Blog*Spot is a cool place to keep your blog, we haven't allowed the uploading of images or files of any type. Blog*Spot Plus allows you to upload to your hearts content (or up to 100MB depending on your plan). You can also create multiple blogs on one site, create additional pages and more. Go check out our redesigned Blog*Spot site and new plans at An announcement a week. I like this pace. Stay tuned for next announcement.

Save internet radio

Nothing you can do to help save internet radio? Not true. Fill out this form and your local representative and senator will be faxed. Do it now!!!

Right on target

I had foolishly begun thinking that I could avoid getting sick in August this year. Hah! Nothing 13+ hours breathing the same air as everyone else on a plane couldn't fix. I have a nastly little virus that makes my head feel three sizes too big. It's not the dengue fever or West Nile so I can't complain. Something that made my little virus a bit more unbearable than normal, my left ear decompressed a full two days after landing. That can't be good for your sinuses. In discussing this with David Wertheimer, he suggested EarPlanes which 'Relieves ear discomfort, clogging and popping with the exclusive CeramXTM filter that regulates air pressure naturally'. Sign me up! I'll be sleeping thru the next few posts. Catch me around Thursday.
Image and Pyra Labs announcing in São Paulo

We love you São Paulo! Goodnight!!!

Wow, we had a blast! The press were kind and had a ton of questions. In case you didn't make the connection, Pyra has licensed and customized a version of Blogger for Globo (a huge media company in Brazil, similar to NBC in the US). This has been months in the making. In fact, this isn't even our first trip to Brazil! Ev and I came down in February to negotiate in Rio. We are speaking at a university in São Paulo tonight and then head to Rio for more meetings, speeches at more colleges and the Rio blog Meetup, if you are in Rio come down and say hi. We would love to meet more Brazilian Blogger users. Ok, the internet connection is poor, hopefully I can post a few pictures from Rio. Ciao!

A long distance dedication goes out to...

Grant! Happy 21st birthday brother!


Ev and I are waiting for about 30 reporters in a cultural center in Sao Paulo waiting to make a huge announcement. Music is pumping and there is even a backdrop with the Blogger logos everywhere. This is going to be fun!

Airport fun

Just arrived in Miami. Secured goofy-looking sunglasses in the lower concourse. I am now ready for the next leg of the trip. More soon...

You are now giving me the freak out!

Selected the font 'Oh La La' in Illustrator as Lauryn Hill sang 'Oh La La' in the refrain from 'Fu-Gee-La' from The Fugees CD 'The Score'. Weird.

Currently loving...

The HOW 2002 interactive design annual. Do other business development directors subscribe to designmags? More should if they don't.


I'm pretty sure that Allison and I both had our hair cut Saturday by Canadian pop sensation Avril Lavigne. It was complicated.

All my links just went on a diet

All my links used to look like this, as of today they look like this. I've been meaning to do that for a while. I feel leaner already. Sexy, no?

De do do do de da da da

The Police song listed above is right about my speed as far as lyrics are concerned. Even though I am music aficionado, I am horrible at remembering lyrics. It's just as well really, since it saves folks from having to hear me sing. Singing in our family is best left to my brother Grant. However, it is embarrassing that I can't remember lyrics to some of my favorite songs. With Leo's Lyrics WinAmp plug-in I'm saved! Now a lyric look-up is as simple as right clicking on a song in your play list and up comes the lyrics. It doesn't work for everything. It found The White Stripes - Fell in Love With A Girl but didn't find a more obscure modern rock tune like The Shins - Caring is Creepy. It's a step in the right direction at least.

This is what I get for plugging in one too many USB devices

Windows XP Pro supposedly eliminated the blue screen of death. My computer has not consulted it's own manual and is pictured in defiance above. Perhaps this considered a purple screen of death. For the next version of Windows may I suggest magenta?

Best quote I've read about Radio Userland

'I am going to try to learn how to use this software. If I am not back in three days, please send a posse' [via Very Modern Astrology]

4 years ago today

Two crazy kids got married. Now we have a crazy kid of our own. Crazy.

Welcome TechTV fans!

Looks like Chris pointed out my Cheatsheet Creator on TechTV's Call for Help show last night. That would explain the jump in traffic from a few daily browsers to 80 times the norm. Thanks Chris!