802.11 phone?

I saw a demo of the Vocera WiFi phone yesterday. Hoo boy that thing is cool. Imagine an entire campus or office building with WiFi/802.11 access points in place adding voice activated phones to the mix. You can say 'Call John' and it will track down John and allow you to talk thru this little device. If John isn't available you can leave voice mail.

Big deal right? Not if you think about the freedom to ditch the land line structure for interoffice calls, especially for folks on their feet all day like doctors. Using an array of cell phones, pagers, and intercom systems to reach coworkers can be ineffective. Potentially, all outside calls could be routed thru the Vocera WiFi network in the not too distant future. Any chance to bypass paying a phone company will look good to quite a few businesses as well. Just one more reason to like 802.11.


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