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Judeo Christian Marketing 101

I'm convinced that the person that came up with the term 'Guiltless Grill ®' was Jewish or Catholic. I wonder what the sell thru on these items from Chilis are like among the faithful? I bet 'Awesome Blossoms®' do better with Baptists. A side note: Chili's still uses frames on their site and proclaims 'Best viewed with IE 3.0 or Netscape 4.0' on the homepage. They have TV commercials with N*Sync on every minute of the day on every channel out here yet the site was built in 1998. Odd.

Hang up quick

If anyone calls you from the Domain Support Group hang up quick. They wanted my fax number 'since it was oddly left off my recent domain registration' and then had me hold for an operator when I refused to give them my number. The operator informed me that '' was unsecured and that they recommend securing it right away using their services. 'I'm going to let that one slide', I told them. Lame. What I really need is a domain support group of another kind. One that will keep me from purchasing too many domains. Have I mentioned I own '' and ''?

Cliff Wellington

July 2002 - Cliffs near Wellington, New Zealand
Allie's sister, Jeannine, is studying in NZ for a few months and she has been sending some great photos. More as they roll in.

Oh it's hot, baby!

Is my Blog HOT or NOT? More importantly, is yours?

802.11 phone?

I saw a demo of the Vocera WiFi phone yesterday. Hoo boy that thing is cool. Imagine an entire campus or office building with WiFi/802.11 access points in place adding voice activated phones to the mix. You can say 'Call John' and it will track down John and allow you to talk thru this little device. If John isn't available you can leave voice mail. Big deal right? Not if you think about the freedom to ditch the land line structure for interoffice calls, especially for folks on their feet all day like doctors. Using an array of cell phones, pagers, and intercom systems to reach coworkers can be ineffective. Potentially, all outside calls could be routed thru the Vocera WiFi network in the not too distant future. Any chance to bypass paying a phone company will look good to quite a few businesses as well. Just one more reason to like 802.11.

Tagamet to the rescue

Cucumber and I are not friends. Tasty, no. Heartburn, yes. My fault for going gyro for lunch.

From the 'what ever happened to that idea' dept.

I clipped the above photo from a car magazine back in the days when my dream car was a Porsche 944. I'm not sure what ever became of the idea of a VW Scooter. It wasn't really much of a scooter. It had 2 seats, 3 wheels, and a briefcase in the dash that doubled as the glove compartment. It's the perfect 'drive to BART ' car. I would have to date the photo around 1987 or 1988. Google hasn't been helpful on finding more information. Does anyone know if these ever made it into production outside the US? If so, did they make them in colors other than mint green?

Happy Birthday to Allison!

Allie and I were talking about birthdays last night. Turns out we've celebrated 10 years of birthdays together! We remembered all but one. Oddly it wasn't her 21st we couldn't remember.

1997 VW Jetta Trek - anyone?

I'm listing my car on craigslist but I thought I might as well offer it to any of the Northern Californians in the crowd looking for a Jetta. Heck, tell a friend. It has a sunroof, cd changer, clean interior, it's been well maintained and is only being sold because I'm replacing it with another VW Passat. I guess I'm crazy for the Volkswagens. I'll even throw in a discount if you pay with the PayPal button up there (Do people sell cars thru PayPal?). Anyway check out the craigslist post, a few recent photos, email me, or call 510.315.3167 to schedule a test drive. No offer too low. Act fast and all that jazz.

Is the party over?

This could be the fork in the potato for Gnutella and other P2P file sharing programs. Does the MPAA really need to spend their time going after their potential revenue generating audience? Pay special attention to the filenames at the bottom of this email. Can't they see that there is something wrong with a cable(!!!) modem provider telling it's subscribers its ok for the Simpsons and Southpark to come in on one pipe (cable) but not the other (still cable, but it's tha in-tar-net cable yuck). Clue up!

My 2nd Blogiversary

I've been using Blogger for 2 years as of today. In fact, I liked the service so much that I now work for the company behind Blogger (Ok, you probably knew that already). Blogging has been fun, working on Blogger has been even more fun. I find myself so busy daily that I don't have the time to spend blogging here, although on our internal company blog I am a much more frequent blogger. I hope I can change my ways one day and add more to this site soon. I usually make grand promises here and don't deliver. Take for instance last years promise of a retrospective of It only took me a year to deliver, so here it is. From, pre-Blogger, to more current incarnations. This space hasn't been earth shattering lately. Maybe that will change soon... or maybe I will continue to be very, very busy helping develop Blogger into all I know it can become. In the meanwhile enjoy the retrospective as well as some selected posts from the past 2 years. First po…

Miss the Muppet Show?

As a fan of the old Muppet Show it's great to see one of my favorite bands, Weezer, in cahoots with Kermit and friends for their new video. You can view it for yourself here. It's the one with the thumbnail of the Swedish chef. Bork bork.


BBC News | Buoyant eBay snaps up bills firm. Yep, PayPal was snapped up for 1.5Billion. Selfishly, I hope this won't affect my status as a member of their PayPal Developer Network Advisory Board. Congrats to Dave and all the other PayPal pals.

There is nothing to see here move along

Meet me back here after the Fourth of July weekend. It will allow all the Bud Light to have run out of both our systems. Plus reading this site won't get in the way of all that roasting dead animals over the next few days. Do we have a deal?