Flash 99% good?

CNET | Flash critic to coach Macromedia. Yep, Jacob Nielsen and his posse are consulting for Macromedia on a style guide for Flash MX. It's just one of those headlines I thought I would never see. I'm sure it will be good for Flash users especially since Flash MX seems to be such a vast improvement from former editions. The thing I worry about with Nielsen is his love for a homogeneous web. One of his chief concerns has been that the web is like the wild west in terms of standard navigation buttons. However, how many times would you like to visit business sites that are nothing but the same page rehashed except for the logo? It's one thing identifying common components of web sites it's quite another to say they should all look and feel the same way. Besides, the wild west is fun. Hop on your 216 color palomino and ride towards the horizontal navigation bar.


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