I cried real tears

Wow. Not often do I point or link to something that has actually made me laugh out loud or make tears stream from my face in laughter. Today ladies and gentlemen you should go read 'In Which I Wring Amusement From Telemarketers, But With The Added Challenge Of Not Being Mean Or Degrading In The Process' by Dan Barcan. Then let me know who the primary decision maker is in the house.

Also on Sweet Fancy Moses this week is our dear friend Matt Wilson who is a very funny man daily at Mecawilson.com, however his piece '18 Welshmen' has boggled me to the point where I might ask for a written explanation of which dark crevasse of the mind he pulled this piece. I expect this is a result of Matt drinking the liniment from the medicine chest again. Matt, we are all pulling for you buddy... hang in there.


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