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Fun in the sun?

Rio del Mar beach in Santa Cruz on Saturday, May 25th, 2002

CSS Style browser? Anyone?

I know I didn't dream this up, a few weeks ago I visited a site that has a CSS browser complete with a function for changing your stylesheet on the fly. What is the url? Where is this thing? I've checked all the usual places and I just can't find it. Can you help? Do you happen to know where this is? What? No you calm down. It's not as if I'm raising my voice!!! If I were raising my voice it WOULD SOUND MORE LIKE THIS! Only 4 hours til I can get some sweet, sweet coffee.

Top ten lies I have told over the last year

I will write about my feelings regarding the current war. I will launch a site redesign. The 'laughing gas incident' will be put online. I am good about responding to email from fans of this site. I will update my bio page. Musicrag will see more attention from me. I will visit your site more often. I stopped drinking coffee. I will put those photos from that event we were at online. Drew's new gallery will go online ANY DAY NOW! I would like to change the above lies into truths soon but I'm afraid the statement will turn into an 11th lie. I'll see what I can do.
Happy Birthday Taylor!

The trade off for not driving into the office

I just killed a snake. I wish I were speaking metaphorically. In the front yard not 15 feet from my home office a coiled up snake was threatening a neighbor and her dog. So I did what any of us would do, I grabbed a lemon from the lemon bowl. As I walked over to do away with the snake with this bitter fruit, it occurred to me that a shovel might be more appropriate. I made a quick return to the house for the appropriate tool. It wasn't pretty and I will henceforth only discuss 'the snake incident' at dinner parties after enjoying my second Salty Dog. This whole incident is a shame really in light of recent phone calls to my office line. As you will remember from last time, we do not sell firewood, here at Nor is this a bug or vermin removal service or any sort of convalescent home. However, the last caller blurted out an actual name. It went something like this: Caller: Do you handle snakes?
Me: Uh, no. ( Allison is now urging me to answer any similar call…

Gator hater

Do you use some sort of password keeper for your computer, like Gator? Yes, I know it's not the safest thing in the world. I also know that IE 6 has a password fill feature that may have some of the same functionality, but in the interest of furthering my cause to bring laziness efficiency to new heights I thought I would point you to AI RoboForm. It's a great replacement for the increasingly annoying Gator. Gator has taken to suggesting I visit the Toyota-thon supersale while visiting other car sites in the form of pop-ups. It had to go. Enter RoboForm. It fills all the same autofill functionality that you would expect including saving your credit card info and adding all kinds of cool functions. It even has a Gator information import function, which was the deciding factor in my switch to RoboForm. It's a little rough around the edges in some parts but it's worth a try. Best of all it's free for personal use. Get it now.

Blogging wirelessly

I'm not sure quite what this means but 90% of the laptops here at the O'reilly Emerging Tech conference are Apples. I'm a Sony Vaio man myself. Also, not that anyone would want to do this, but if someone wished to stop the forward movement of any of the major blogging tools they would throw a grenade in Dan Gillmor's talk. I am sitting with Ev, behind Dave Winer, to the left of Ben and Mena Trott.

Calling all bloggers

Anyone else receive 15% of their site traffic last week from the mysterious ''? Even more mysterious, the domain is available! Weird. Right now my guess is that someone, probably a spammer, is masking their servers identity with a made up name and crawling for email addresses. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

Fire up the HypeMachineTM

Good news is on the way for Blogger users. Oh it's big, but the good news is that this is just one of many coming announcements for Blogger users. I know! Please suspend your shock and horror at least until tomorrow. I must go, I've already said too much.

Another one for the baby fans

Here's a short clip of Theresa holding Drew and Taylor holding Jack. Jack is interested in who the heck the new kid is (Drew is Jack's cousin). There is also a brief appearance by Allison (Drew's mom and my wife). Roll tape.

I cried real tears

Wow. Not often do I point or link to something that has actually made me laugh out loud or make tears stream from my face in laughter. Today ladies and gentlemen you should go read 'In Which I Wring Amusement From Telemarketers, But With The Added Challenge Of Not Being Mean Or Degrading In The Process' by Dan Barcan. Then let me know who the primary decision maker is in the house. Also on Sweet Fancy Moses this week is our dear friend Matt Wilson who is a very funny man daily at, however his piece '18 Welshmen' has boggled me to the point where I might ask for a written explanation of which dark crevasse of the mind he pulled this piece. I expect this is a result of Matt drinking the liniment from the medicine chest again. Matt, we are all pulling for you buddy... hang in there.

Am I too business oriented? Nah.

I just received a phone call at 2:38 in the morning and wasn't upset. After checking voicemail it turns out it was business related. I considered running downstairs to pick it up because I am up, yet again, to change Drew. It was the CEO of a company I am working with on a partnership calling on the road from Europe. Am I sick for wishing I had caught the call? Perhaps. However, the CEO was calling about business on his honeymoon! Maybe we can get a group rate on therapy together.

Daypop and Blogdex, get ready to 'disco'.

A while back dack told me he was working on a movie. I'm pretty sure this isn't it, but it is still great. Check out 'disco' a new film by dack. Just the thing to make the 3:30 AM diaper change a little more fun. Rated 'must see' by

Like a record, baby

Spin magazine has been stinking up the joint lately. A recent IM conversation with Grant: grant: i have been generally disappointed with spin lately
me: Me too. My theory is Spin is shrinking.
me: Pretty soon it will be the size of the Chinese takeout menu but with less relevant info.
grant: yeah
grant: it went from the size of the oxford english dictionary to the size of a pamphlet on "alternatives to breathing"
Too bad my current subscription runs 'til June '05. There's still time to pull the nose up on this one Spin kids. Start by not bashing artists you loved 2 issues back. That's just poor form.