Go Hoosiers!

April fools aside, this isn't a joke. Indiana University is in the NCAA Championship game tonight and my Dad is beside himself. It's not just the fact that his hometown of Swayzee, IN (population 1,100) has produced the IU starting forward Jared Odle. It's seeing his hometown in print for the first time since he moved to California in 1965.
According to Odle, Swayzee has "a bank, a gas station, a convenience store and a supermarket." It is famous for more than producing the Hoosiers' starting forward, though. Swayzee High was once involved in a nine-overtime game, which the town claims is a world record.
[from CBS Sportsline ]
When Dad took us to visit Swayzee in 1987 I didn't see any supermarket. I wonder if they ever added that second stop light they were talking about?


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