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So Drew's corner of the web is shaping up. I just added a guestbook to his site and the first Drew gallery will be up soon. Stop by and say hi if you like. Plus, now I might get back to writing interesting things here now that Drew isn't monopolizing this space. I guess it doesn't matter much. He's monopolizing all my time too. He's on an every two hours, eat and change schedule. For you folks out there without kids this isn't like a 12 hour shift it's every waking hour. I know! Who knew? Drew is also a stickler about peeing on something or someone at every changing. I'd be more upset but he's a good shot. He even hit the nurse at his first visit to the doctor. To Drew I must say bravo son, bravo.


Adaptive Path have redesigned. It's always nice to see what happens when a user experience consultancy redesigns their own site. I imagine less hair pulling was involved than you would expect during your average company site redesign. It looks great. I feel a redesign coming on.
Site note: Comments have been broken for the past few days. Dack alerted me to the problem. All systems are now go.

I love a good title

Douglas Rushkoff the man that brought us 'Merchants of Cool', says he's hard at work on a new non-fiction book 'Nothing Sacred: The Case for Open Source Judaism.' He's also keeping a Blogger Pro powered blog. I knew he was smart.


A Tech Proverb

A watched inbox never dings. Unless it's spam you are waiting for.


I was remarking to Taylor the other day that it was fun to be the uncle last year when he was the one who was in the hospital and sleep deprived. I was able to make a gallery of pictures I had taken of his new son Jack and post them to his very own site within hours. Now that the shoe is on the other foot it is taking me a while to get Drew's site together and upload photos now that I have actual diaper changing duties. As you can guess Drew's site will be at: and will be added to shortly. Stay tuned.

Pardon me...

May I borrow a cup of sleep?

Home at last and feeling fine

[ Drew Shellen on Day 3 of life ]
The first of many Drew pictures to come over the next few days. Thanks for all the kind email, prayers and comments. His lungs are working great and we were able to bring him home Saturday afternoon. We are still exhausted so Allie's mom came to stay with us to help out for a few days. I'll post more soon, and of course Drew will have a blog. It's in the works.

It's a boy!

Andrew Michael Shellen (you can call him Drew) was born today at 5:49AM. A whopping 9 pounds and 4 ounces of pure joy! He's a strong little guy and cute too. I'll try and get pictures up soon.
It's been a long trip, as we were admitted to the hospital on Wednesday morning at 1:45 AM. Almost 27 hours later, Drew breathed his first gulp of air. Allison was amazing. She's the strongest person I know. Allie, the baby and I are doing fine (aside from both being absolutely beat). Unfortunately, Drew needs to spend a little time in intensive care to get rid of some of the fluid in his lungs. Maybe a few days. I've seen him a few times since birth and he seems A-Ok and is responsive to my touch and talking to him. Prayers and good thoughts are kindly appreciated though. Right now I'm vacillating between floating on air that I have a SON and thinking about how good a few hours sleep would feel. Small price to pay for an amazing little miracle.Thank you to all the well …
Woo ho! Allie is in active labor!

Baby Watch 2002

Allie and I spent some time at the hospital today, but they sent us home. She's having all kinds of contractions but apparently not the right kind yet. Looks like we are in the home stretch at least. It shouldn't be long now. More soon.

Please think of the kids and don't install this software

From Please, for the love of all that is good, if you are even thinking about downloading the recently released Netscape Communicator 4.79, let me know so i can come over to your house and shake some sense in to you. Unless you are a baby. Never shake a baby.

7-day snooze

My unborn child is taking his or her sweet time coming into this world. Must be nice and cuddly in the womb. We are currently at T-plus seven days! We just got back from visiting the doctor and it looks like if the child doesn't wiggle out on it's own in the next few days that labor will be induced over the weekend. Like it or not your coming into this world soon kid. I can't wait to meet you!
I'm sick today. That is all.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Instant (e)Messenger

Since almost all instant messaging clients are connected to some sort of web mail service (i.e. Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL) shouldn't you be able to send a quick email using the very same IM client without opening a browser window? My Trillian IM client tells me when I have received mail from any of these services but I have to open a browser window to reply to the aforementioned mail. Feel free to build this and let me know when you are done. Thanks!

Go Hoosiers!

April fools aside, this isn't a joke. Indiana University is in the NCAA Championship game tonight and my Dad is beside himself. It's not just the fact that his hometown of Swayzee, IN (population 1,100) has produced the IU starting forward Jared Odle. It's seeing his hometown in print for the first time since he moved to California in 1965.According to Odle, Swayzee has "a bank, a gas station, a convenience store and a supermarket." It is famous for more than producing the Hoosiers' starting forward, though. Swayzee High was once involved in a nine-overtime game, which the town claims is a world record.
[from CBS Sportsline ] When Dad took us to visit Swayzee in 1987 I didn't see any supermarket. I wonder if they ever added that second stop light they were talking about?