Steal music more efficiently

So you miss Napster and are wondering how you should go about finding and downloading mp3s, movies, and almost anything? I suggest Limewire Pro. I have been using Limewire for over a year and have been very happy with each new software revision. I have tried Kazaa and Morpheus and was disappointed. Mainly in their weird names and pop-up ads (seriously, their software seemed to be inferior to Limewire).

I was pleasantly surprised to see Limewire offering a paid Pro version for only $8.50. I happily paid for this new release and was treated to some great new features. When downloading a popular file that is available on many hosts it can download said file, from multiple hosts, I think it's called 'swarming'. Anyway, it certainly speeds up the download time. It also has an internal mp3 player, the ability to close the program after completing downloads, running only in the system tray and more. Of course, this will just mean that you will end up buying more cds if you like the music you are 'borrowing' unless you don't suffer from Napster guilt as I do, (I even coined the term).


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