No bull

This morning as I was going on a coffee run, a grizzled looking rancher (and backhoe operator it turns out) pulls up to a halt in front of our house. He quiets the two dogs with him in the front cab and takes a drag on his cigarette (it's not even 9 AM yet). Then he begins our strange conversation:
Rancher Guy: Uh, hi...
Me: Hi, can I help you?
Rancher Guy: Yes, and I know this is gonna sound like a stupid question but... uh... have you seen a bull around here? One of mine got out last night. It's light brown, pretty big, kinda mean looking...?
Me: Uh, no but I'll keep an eye peeled.
Rancher Guy: Thanks anyway, here's my card. Page me if you do see him, thanks!
Then he was gone in a whiff of smoke in his rusted pickup. Off to find the bull. On my street. Yep. I love this neighborhood.


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