Kirk to bridge
Damn. Looks like the Handspring Treo is going to be held up a few months. I am looking forward to the integrated Palm / cell phone device, since it is much smaller than Kyocera / Qualcomm's earlier efforts to do the same. I guess I jumped the gun in putting my Ericsson infrared modem on Ebay. Check it out if you have an Ericsson T28 and a Palm currently.

update: Dad wrote to tell me that the SJ Mercury reviewed the new Treo last week 'Handspring's phone-PDA combo is a dud'. The reviewer, Mike Langberg, seems to have run in to many of the same problems I have had in trying to use an existing cell phone to do simple functions on the internet like send email and view web pages thru a Palm device. The only problem here is that the Treo was supposed to solve these problems. Looks like I should look into a good web enabled phone or grit my teeth and pay the $44.99 for the Palm.Net service which actually works well. Especially now that Palm has purchased Thin Air Apps one of the most useful email programs for the Palm ever. Actually screw all of this. Send me a letter. Who needs information anyway? Someone will figure out how to spam my phone and I'll go into a fit and will need leg restraints to calm down. In fact I'm going to lie down now.


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