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...and I'm usually a 'glass half full' kinda guy

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I should not be allowed to drink iced tea, except in the shower or tub under adult supervision. Possibly out of a Tommy Tippy cup. The sure-fire way to end up with an iced tea stain on my white carpet is to rush about the house carrying a pint glass of tea to my office or upstairs at warp speed. Luckily today's spill was near the portion of carpet where we suspect the former owner of the house did transaxle replacement work on a 1947 Willys jeep and therefore have already resolved that there will be new carpet in the coming years. In other news, my arch nemesis, Biz Stone, mentioned Ev and I in 'Self-Serve Ads: Small Is the New Big' his article about text ads for WebReview. I'm on to you Stone... if this level of sucking up continues, I may be forced to look elsewhere for my arch-nemesis needs.Also, a big Happy Birthday to Mike, who knows that we are going to give him a melvin the next time we see him if he doesn't…
It snowed last night in my backyard. News at 11.

Come again?

Today has been a pretty damn good day. Productive, interesting, educational even and then I received an email from: Semen. Yep, it was spam. Had nothing to do with fertility, medical procedures or any sort of paid donation. It was for a fad diet and I am guessing that the 'from' addresses in my email bin will only get more bizarre in the next few months.
Need a job? [What is this craigslist?]
I have a friend who needs an admin-type person to work for a government contractor in the downtown SF area. You could spit on the location from the 2nd Street Starbucks, not that you would. This is a marketing/pr, paying your dues sort of position. The pay is standard for entry level and includes a lot of office management duties. A few glamorous trips to Sacramento or San Jose on occasion may be required. Anyway, I think a few of you are nearing the end of your Top Ramen stash, if this is you let's talk and I'll give you more details.
Who what in the what now?
I misread this quote on Camworld: 'Fox is having trouble unloading all of the Superbowl ad spots for the upcoming event in two weeks. Here's a hint to Fox: Lower your asking price!' I thought it said trouble uploading. Then I thought, 'Those bastards!'...'See the world needed after all.' Turns out I was wrong. Would have been a better story really.
Kirk to bridge
Damn. Looks like the Handspring Treo is going to be held up a few months. I am looking forward to the integrated Palm / cell phone device, since it is much smaller than Kyocera / Qualcomm's earlier efforts to do the same. I guess I jumped the gun in putting my Ericsson infrared modem on Ebay. Check it out if you have an Ericsson T28 and a Palm currently. update: Dad wrote to tell me that the SJ Mercury reviewed the new Treo last week 'Handspring's phone-PDA combo is a dud'. The reviewer, Mike Langberg, seems to have run in to many of the same problems I have had in trying to use an existing cell phone to do simple functions on the internet like send email and view web pages thru a Palm device. The only problem here is that the Treo was supposed to solve these problems. Looks like I should look into a good web enabled phone or grit my teeth and pay the $44.99 for the Palm.Net service which actually works well. Especially now that Palm has purchased Thin A…
Things are better
Allie and I had a brief medical scare with the coming little one, but now all is well. The baby has been scanned, fingers and toes accounted for and now onward with worrying about normal things like how I will pay for college in 18 years. And on your right, you will notice that I have finally yanked my linky love list and added a more non-specific list of things that have caught my attention. The ratings don't necessarily mean a thing and it's all meant in good fun. Enjoy. Apologies to the Spin 20.
Say something? Say nothing?
Lots of stuff going on. Some personal, some professional. No time to decompress it here yet. I hate to say nothing, and yet is this something? Meanwhile, Grant is slaying me lately.
I think I screwed up the data...
I ran across a link to my site, a review of that is part of a student project on the topic, Presentation of Self in Weblogs. The project classifies my site into what is called the 'minimal' classification. Minimally presented authors typically don't use pictures of themselves online, or they may have only a seldom updated web cam image. The majority of these sites focus on news content, linking to articles and events on news sites with some sort of commentary or annotation by the author. There is some personal content, but it is limited. I think I may have broken out of the '(they) don't use pictures of themselves online' recently. Sorry. Hope you still get an A bro.
It's good to see the Vice President in better health
Vice President Joseph Lieberman meets interim Afghan leader Hamid Karzai
Ok, here's the original. I think Dick Cheney might have finally 'passed'.
I am planning on attending Macworld next week however I don't have an expo pass yet. Anyone out there have a spare pass? I'll be there on Monday for the keynote. If you are a blogger and will be there also let me know and we can have a cup of joe together or something.

Update 1/7/2002: I decided to avoid the 5 am line-up and watched the keynote via Quicktime streaming (it was terrible, the streaming that is, the keynote was good). I will be going to Macworld on Wednesday since there is going to be a blogger's lunch/schmooze fest. See you there.