So you have Windows XP and AT&T Broadband?
Nope. It's not just you. Your connection is slow, you can't connect to many websites and AT&T is no help whatsoever. No worries mate. Other users are your best bet at finding solutions to these technical maladies. Users at DSLReports and the newsgroup cableinet.cable_modems have been exceptionally helpful during the service swap. I suggest trying this workaround which has made all the difference in the world to me if you are having page time out issues and dropped connections.
From the cableinet.cable_modems newsgroup:
From control panel click on administrator tools
Then computer management
Then just click the + sign next to Services and Apps
Then highlight Services
Now to the box on the right find dns client and 
change to Manual by double clicking DNS client.
Now go to command prombt and type in ipconfig /flushdns
Restart Internet explorer and go
I have not had one single page cannot be found since
[update: 10:16 PM]
Service dropped out again. This time (as suggested in the above resources) I not only changed to 'Manual' but also stopped the service from running. That seems to have done the trick. We shall see.


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