I ache (or stick out your ethernet cable and say ahh)
I ache. Not in a longing to kiss your sweetheart after a long journey kind of way either. I ache in an 'every time I sneeze my elbows and neck hurt and I have to lie down' sort of way. After a pretty decent attempt to fend off the cold which Allison had battled with last weekend I finally came down with the same germy strain of creeping crud that has grabbed most of the West Coast. I was pretty sure I would get sick earlier in the week. Oddly enough I didn't even have any symptoms until Wednesday. A full three days after Taylor and I accepted my neighbor's invitation to take his season tickets to the Raiders game.

We stood in the rain and cold at the Oakland Coliseum among the most rabid fans I've ever seen. This could be due in part to the average fan consuming roughly $49 worth of beer. Sadly, that is only 7 beers bringing us to the mind splitting total of $7 a beer! In my book $49 worth of beer would equal 59 Gordon Biersch Märzens in a bottle! I digress. I'm not necessarily a Raiders fan but I do like football, plus ex-49'er Jerry Rice caught some great passes on Sunday and the Raiders went into overtime (then blew it) but it was still a good time.

My internet connection thru Excite@Home is now in the hands of AT&T. I was back up on Monday, partially and it has been spotty at best since then. Every half an hour or so I lose access to about 66% of the websites I normally visit although mail and ftp functions seem to work ok. It's strange and I hope it gets sorted out soon. Half of my IM clients don't work correctly either.

I'm taking this weekend to let myself heal. I'm giving my broadband connection the same prescription, drink lots of fluids and stay in bed. If we are both still sick on Monday I'm calling the doctor and the local dsl provider. I hope I won't need either.


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