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If you are a cable internet subscriber like me, then you woke up to a blinking cable modem and no internet service. It appears that if your @Home service was through AT&T that service is permanently down. AT&T even called me and other users this morning to notify us of the outage. They stated that I would be switched to the AT&T network between 7 to 10 days and would receive a service credit of two days for every one day I was without service. There have been warning signs, letters from AT&T, and wide speculation that this would happen. AT&T has even built a parallel network to switch over former @Home users. Anyway, the next few weeks will be interesting for former @Home users. Switched mail servers, web servers, and new IP addresses will be loads of fun for those not familiar with all this tech jargon. Below are some of the resources I have used to make sense of the current ordeal. By the way, I am typing this via my backup dial-up account that I keep around for instances just like this. You might be on a backup too if you are reading this. I'll keep you posted when I'm back online with AT&T, but until then my email response will be slower than normal (that's pretty damn slow).
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