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Happy New Year and a holiday gift for you
It's been a yin and yang sort of year. Some good, some bad. Either way I thought I should do my part to make the next year more productive. Introducing Cheatsheet Creator version 1.1 now with dynamic cheatsheet creation. Let me know what you think. Cheers to aught two!
I'm a lumberjack (and I'm ok?)

December 25, 2001 - The Shellen brothers enjoy their lumberjack tukes.
Merry Christmas

This is becoming a tradition with Allison and I. We feel like Robert and Vera Goulet.
A funny thing happened....
So Jish ran a link to a funny thing. People left funny comments on his site. Things got funnier. It's still funny. Go read the comments now before it becomes unfunny, if it hasn't already by my saying the word funny seven times.
Blogdex Bookmarklets
Ever been on a web page and wanted to see how it ranked on Blogdex? Me neither. No seriously, I just created a couple of Blogdex related bookmarklets. To use these just drag them into your links bar in IE or Netscape. To be honest, I'm not sure that someone hasn't done this before but so far I haven't found them. Enjoy. current page searchglobal search [you can search for any word on Blogdex]
Mommy, can we keep it?

My sister in-law Jeannine finds the perfect tree for the Fitzpatrick homestead during the annual trek to the Santa Cruz mountains
Smoked, salted fish quotient filled for the last half of 2001
A Noah's sun-dried tomato bagel with New York lox and cream cheese must be the best bagel combo ever. Luckily I have cut these down to one every three months or I would look like a house boat.
So you have Windows XP and AT&T Broadband?
Nope. It's not just you. Your connection is slow, you can't connect to many websites and AT&T is no help whatsoever. No worries mate. Other users are your best bet at finding solutions to these technical maladies. Users at DSLReports and the newsgroup cableinet.cable_modems have been exceptionally helpful during the service swap. I suggest trying this workaround which has made all the difference in the world to me if you are having page time out issues and dropped connections.
From the cableinet.cable_modems newsgroup: From control panel click on administrator tools Then computer management Then just click the + sign next to Services and Apps Then highlight Services Now to the box on the right find dns client and change to Manual by double clicking DNS client. Now go to command prombt and type in ipconfig /flushdns Restart Internet explorer and go I have not had one single page cannot be found since[update: 10:16 P…
I'm naked
Dad just called to tell me that NPR is currently talking about blogs. Turns out it's a piece by Xerox PARC linguist Geoffrey Nunberg on Fresh Air. You can listen to the piece in Real Audio here. Nunberg calls bloggers exhibitionists with a lot of time on their hands. I'm pretty sure Geoff was talking about a different site. Surely not
I ache (or stick out your ethernet cable and say ahh)
I ache. Not in a longing to kiss your sweetheart after a long journey kind of way either. I ache in an 'every time I sneeze my elbows and neck hurt and I have to lie down' sort of way. After a pretty decent attempt to fend off the cold which Allison had battled with last weekend I finally came down with the same germy strain of creeping crud that has grabbed most of the West Coast. I was pretty sure I would get sick earlier in the week. Oddly enough I didn't even have any symptoms until Wednesday. A full three days after Taylor and I accepted my neighbor's invitation to take his season tickets to the Raiders game.
We stood in the rain and cold at the Oakland Coliseum among the most rabid fans I've ever seen. This could be due in part to the average fan consuming roughly $49 worth of beer. Sadly, that is only 7 beers bringing us to the mind splitting total of $7 a beer! In my book $49 worth of beer would equal 5…
Excite@Home News
If you are a cable internet subscriber like me, then you woke up to a blinking cable modem and no internet service. It appears that if your @Home service was through AT&T that service is permanently down. AT&T even called me and other users this morning to notify us of the outage. They stated that I would be switched to the AT&T network between 7 to 10 days and would receive a service credit of two days for every one day I was without service. There have been warning signs, letters from AT&T, and wide speculation that this would happen. AT&T has even built a parallel network to switch over former @Home users. Anyway, the next few weeks will be interesting for former @Home users. Switched mail servers, web servers, and new IP addresses will be loads of fun for those not familiar with all this tech jargon. Below are some of the resources I have used to make sense of the current ordeal. By the way, I am typing this via my backup dial-up account that …