Loose lips sink ships but totalitarian regimes make me spit
Ari Fleisher, George Bush's mouthpiece, struck a blow against comedic ponderance a few weeks ago. Intelligent comedic ponderance has since had it's way with Mr. Fleisher of course. From the Modern Humorist...
Ari, I was wondering if you had spoken to the President regarding Car & Driver's mixed review of the new Truck/SUV hybrid, the Chevrolet Avalanche, in which they offered some praise for its sturdy performance, but ultimately labeled it a "gimmick."
Mr. Fleischer: The President is aware of the review, and needless to say, he is very concerned about this on several levels. It disturbs the President that the Avalanche's ability to convert from a six-passenger, fully enclosed Sport Ute into a full-size truck for extra hauling capacity in a matter of minutes, a brilliant testament to American ingenuity and engineering, is dismissed as a gimmick. In fact, I've been told that Vice President Cheney happens to think that the Avalanche is "wicked cool" and that the President agrees with him.
Read the full ribbing here.

In other political commentary quelching news, the brilliant leftist comic strip Boondocks has been pulled from a number of papers. Newsday reports that the New York Daily News has pulled the strip stating 'There's a certain kind of heavy-duty political commentary that doesn't really belong in the funny pages'. Have you read Mary Worth, Marmaduke or Andy Capp? They aren't funny. I don't think they belong there either. If Boondocks has to go, they should too.

[Boondocks link courtesy of Romenesko's Media News]


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