Good for now, thanks for asking
Ok, back on the air. Something is right in the chip and networking world, stockwise that is. Cisco, Qlogic, Brocade, and Juniper are all up over 20% today. Some of them well over 20% Should have grabbed those bargains two weeks ago. Let's hope this means good things for the economy.

By the way, a little tip from your good buddy Jason. If I were a betting man, Palm or Handspring would be a great buy right now. $1.51 and $1.35 respectively. Right now the PDA space has fallen apart but when the Palm OS is integrated into 40% of new phones the Street will have a different opinion. Even Handspring has a few more tricks up it's sleeve, despite some pretty dumb Springboard modules being released lately. Third generation wireless (3G) will be the savior of these companies in my opinion. You may have to hold on to these stocks for a while but it will be worth it.


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