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Ghost of Halloween past

Nerd with spatula vs. hillbilly w/fork rarely ends well. This was no exception in this Halloween 2000 faceoff between Grant and Taylor.
Mmm more dentistry!
Yes, while this site has gotten as stale as a bagel chip accidentally kicked under the refrigerator I have been becoming the 8th dwarf 'Busy'. I will eventually post the 'laughing gas incident' as it has been requested but first it's back to the dentist. Yep, there will be many chapters in this story it seems. Today, 4 fillings and maybe a sock in the mouth just for kicks. There might be another laughing gas incident yet, so keep your shirt on and brush those teeth.
Rule of thumb...
If you receive an email with the words... 'this is not spam' anywhere in the body of the message it has a 99.8% chance that it IS in fact spam.
Calm before the storm
On my way to the dentist here in a minute. It's gonna be bad. I don't wish to share how long it's been. Let's just say there was an embarrassing 'laughing gas' incident the last time and I have been ashamed to show my face again until today. Hoo boy, it's gonna be a long day.

Yep, pretty sure I shouldn't like it either...

Brother Grant is not alone in his deep like for the new System of a Down song 'Chop Suey'. Must be a genetic disorder. Speaking of Grant his mug is now available live from college via webcam.
Just put that anywhere pal
Whoops! A new gallery entry (and the topic of backyard patio gossip in my neighborhood).
Hey thanks!
Heath Row of Fast Company graciously mentioned Waredevil in his October 16th, Roadshow 2001 piece 'Microcontent and Microcommunity'. Although as if to prove that family can indeed take you down a peg my brother Taylor remarked after viewing the article, 'Nice. Never have I seen so many nerds in one room.'. Still, his son Jack is cute and I will talk to Taylor possibly for that reason alone. You can see Jack and friends during his first trip to the pumpkin patch here.
I am not sure quite why I like this milk commercial so much, but the line 'Looks like someones driving the calcium bus to strongbone city' has a lot to do with it. I am still not a milk fan.
Your *wink wink* 'other' folder has mail
If you have downloaded the latest version of MSN Messenger IM client then you may have seen an alert like the one on the left when you receive mail to your Hotmail account. However, it doesn't discriminate between your junk mail folder and any old mail so you are notified that there is mail in your 'other' folders. You know which one I am talking about, the folder that holds all your 'PENILE ENLARGEMENT' mail and 'BUSTY LADIES WAITING FOR YOU' and lately 'DISCOUNT AMERICAN FLAGS'. In other news, I am working on a paging system to let me know when someone has not flushed the toilet. I am calling it 'Craptastic Messenger'.
Beer and blogs
I just came back from the first Bay Area Weblog User Group (BAWUG) meeting. I am not 100% on this but it appears that we have agreed that the primary focus of the group is to drink beer and talk about blogs. Future meetings may be held in a bar rather than having to walk a block or two after the meeting to get to the drinking establishment. I will be attending all future meetings.

Enemy mine

While I have never met Biz Stone in real life, something about this guy makes me want to challenge him to a good old Indian leg wrestling match. I am thinking of ringing him up and asking if he already has an arch-nemesis. If not maybe he could be my arch-nemesis. I figure it might be good for business plus I will get to say things like 'foiled again' and 'I'll get you next time... Stone!'.
Still kicking (myself)
Handspring unveils pictures of the Treo on their website today, stock up 40% to: $3.09 .
Shares I own: 0
Cursing: Yes
Very bad kid
If you were a very bad kid trying to name your new computer virus these days I bet you would think 'Hey, I should name it Anthrax. That would sound cool.' Well if you are a very bad kid it has already been done, so you will have to name it something else. Maybe 'Everlasting Freedom' or something. Now that is enough help for you unsavory types.
Toying with code
I am looking for feedback on this possible site redesign. It's not totally finished and none of the links will work correctly so keep that in mind. After you have visited the link above it (it will pop up in a new window), please let me know what you think of the redesign with the poll below or in the comments link. Thanks.
RedesignWhat do you think of this possible new design?

I love itI like itI don't care either wayI dislike itI hate it

Current Results
Man I hate being right sometimes
Had I only followed my own advice last week and purchased 10,000 shares of Handspring, I would be a happy man today. With Handspring's announcement of new wireless handhelds their stock shot up 25% to 2.09 currently. I would have made a cool $7500. Palm is doing even better at 2.36. 10k shares at 1.51 last week would mean $8500 in hand right now. Heck even 1000 shares would mean $750 or $850 respectively.I guess it pays to listen to me. I wish I would listen to me more often.
When the Onion stops being funny, I'm going Republican
A great quote from the Onion's 'What do you think?' feature in the latest issue... Many Americans fear that terrorists may one day strike the U.S. with chemical and biological weapons. What do you think about the prospect?

'Let's not take any chances we should arrest and detain The Chemical Brothers immediately.'
- Fran Lake , Homemaker
Loose lips sink ships but totalitarian regimes make me spit
Ari Fleisher, George Bush's mouthpiece, struck a blow against comedic ponderance a few weeks ago. Intelligent comedic ponderance has since had it's way with Mr. Fleisher of course. From the Modern Humorist... Ari, I was wondering if you had spoken to the President regarding Car & Driver's mixed review of the new Truck/SUV hybrid, the Chevrolet Avalanche, in which they offered some praise for its sturdy performance, but ultimately labeled it a "gimmick." Mr. Fleischer: The President is aware of the review, and needless to say, he is very concerned about this on several levels. It disturbs the President that the Avalanche's ability to convert from a six-passenger, fully enclosed Sport Ute into a full-size truck for extra hauling capacity in a matter of minutes, a brilliant testament to American ingenuity and engineering, is dismissed as a gimmick. In fact, I've been told that Vice Pre…

And now for something completely different...

Well my eyes are sore from watching CNN all day again. This time we are the aggressors and I could use a little levity to brighten my mood. Maybe you feel the same way. Here is an mp3 that Grant made a long time ago, when he was underage and didn't know anything about copyright law. Let's hope the RIAA buys that one. It's called 'The Simpson Rap'.
Congratulations to the 'new' Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick

My brother-in-law Peter and his new bride Jackie making a getaway in Seascape, CA on October 6, 2001
'It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.'Samuel Adams
I feel like this is another baby announcement
Ok, not much to say here as Blogger is going down for maintenance in about 2 minutes but, today marks the launch of my new business venture: Waredevil. I guess I will have to explain later. Please visit the site and kick the tires for me and definitely let me know what you think. Thanks.
More ISP funkiness
Ok, I'm writing this on my emergency dial up account. I want to strangle @home. The BIG announcement will have to wait until 2PM. See you then.
Good for now, thanks for asking
Ok, back on the air. Something is right in the chip and networking world, stockwise that is. Cisco, Qlogic, Brocade, and Juniper are all up over 20% today. Some of them well over 20% Should have grabbed those bargains two weeks ago. Let's hope this means good things for the economy. By the way, a little tip from your good buddy Jason. If I were a betting man, Palm or Handspring would be a great buy right now. $1.51 and $1.35 respectively. Right now the PDA space has fallen apart but when the Palm OS is integrated into 40% of new phones the Street will have a different opinion. Even Handspring has a few more tricks up it's sleeve, despite some pretty dumb Springboard modules being released lately. Third generation wireless (3G) will be the savior of these companies in my opinion. You may have to hold on to these stocks for a while but it will be worth it.
No sense at all
I am having some weird problems with my ISP, @home. I can't reach sites like CNN,, or even but I can see MeFi, Blogger and Wired. I can even download huge video files but my email won't work and ftp'ing is out of the question. Argh. I am hoping that this won't delay today's announcement but if it is, you'll know why. I can't help but think that @home declaring bankruptcy has something to do with this.
[ watch this space ]
Tomorrow. 1pm Pacific. Be here. Big news. That is all. See you tomorrow.