Did anyone get any work done on December 7, 1941?
This has been an incredible test of the moral fiber of every living being today. Friends, neighbors and acquaintances true colors shine through in times like these. For instance, I found out I am more like Doc Searls than I ever thought before. Are there more of us conscientious objecting, Catholic pacifists out there?

As a pacifist, I couldn't be more upset with CoffeeCup software CEO, Nicholas Longo and his decision to send this inflammatory and not at all helpful email to all of his (former) customers today:

Hello everyone,

This is Nicholas Longo, the CEO of CoffeeCup Software. As you may have heard the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked about 45 minutes ago.
The Team at CoffeeCup would like to send our heart felt sorrow to those that perished in these attacks.
We would like to also say on record that if any country is found responsible for these attacks, we call for that country's complete destruction and annihilation.
Do not let terrorism which is designed to create fear and stop production, halt your life or work.
Stay focused and do not stop what you are doing.
-May God bless us all and the decisions we must make.
Drop him a line when you get a chance. Tell him we aren't in high school anymore and it's ok to drop the macho bullshit.

I was also pleasantly surprised by a few companies, notably X10, the normally annoying pop-up people who have temporarily stopped annoying people.

Goodnight. I am still dazed. I am sure that the grieving and sensational news will continue tomorrow, I am just hoping that it brings a bit of peace too. I leave you with the only things I know of that can actually accomplish anything while we are all feeling so helpless today:


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