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Heads-up regarding the Red Cross Banners
Thanks to everyone who had posted this on your site, I hope we made a difference. With donations slowing down and many more specific funds to contribute to I feel it's time to pull these banners, not to mention they are making quite an impact on the server that is hosting them. I have had 33 times the normal traffic on the server than normal. We even hit the Blogdex top 100 for a day or two. If you would still like to keep the banners on your site, I have changed the code for you on the Red Cross donation box page. I will keep hosting the banners until Monday evening after that they will be gone. Special thanks to Meg , Prol and everyone else who pointed these out to folks. Thanks again.
Productivity loss in Sector 7G
My birthday present from sister in law, Julianne, has just come in, The Simpsons : The Complete First Season DVD. The key here for a die hard Simpsons fan such as myself is access to the DVD pause button and the second audio track of commentary. The pause is for those times when they put things in the background like Maggie being scanned in at the cash register for $847.63. Visit the Simpsons Archive and check out the episode guide, each one has a section titled 'freeze frame fun'. And I wonder why I never oil paint anymore.
Long lost twins
Someone text messaged my phone at 2:00am this morning to tell me that I look like Ronan Keating, former member of the Irish boy band 'Boyzone'. Folks as you can clearly tell from the picture to the left, we are brothers. I am the one on the left, yes the left. Anyway, glad I could clear things up.
Gone but not forg... wait a minute!
(Geeky) Decisions
I'm up too late as it is... do I a.) get up early, hop on public transit to see a stimulating panel that includes Jason and Doc discuss blogs and the role they played in indie coverage of the recent disaster or do I ...b.) sleep in, comfortable in the fact that had I gone I would have wanted to strangle Dave Winer after hearing about how much Microsoft doesn't 'get it' and that XML-RPC was the the true winner in the whole ordeal. Tune in later and find out.
[update: yeah, turns out I needed the sleep. The transcript is here though and as predicted Dave evangelized a bit by spreading XML on a sandwich and eating it, as well as rubbing an RSS feed on an open sore which it then quickly healed.]
Friends in the biz
Tonights episode kind of snuck up on me but a fellow classmate tipped me off at the five year reunion a few weeks ago that another Saint Mary's Class of '96 grad is on the show 'Crossing Jordan'. Dr. Trey Sanders is none other than Mahershalalhashbaz Ali or Mahershala Gilmore back when I knew him. Back then he was playing basketball for Saint Mary's against people like Jason Kidd (during his Kidd's brief tenure at Cal Berkeley). Now Ali is on primetime and Kidd has a hamburger named after him. I am still tendering offers for tv shows and meal deals named after me, ' Shellen size it for an extra 39 cents'.
The Truth
'I want to thank you brave folks for coming out today,' the pilot began. 'We don't have any new instructions from the federal government, so from now on, we're on our own.'...
My horoscope for today
Don't waste a moment. Send out your resumes. Ask for that raise! Make more widgets to sell. Whatever you do, there's a way to make more money at it. You're the one who decides when. Don't wait!
Linda Black: Tribune Media Services syndicated columnist.
Strippers take it all off
Me. You are the dirty one. Don't worry you need not worry about 10 pop-ups with this link. I had previously crowed about the abilities of Homesite and HTML Tidy to strip out unneccessary CSS and HTML tags that Word 2000 generates when saving a document as HTML. Turns out Textism has put this function online, although I am not sure if this uses the same engine or if this is something new. It seems to work pretty well. Give Textism's Word Cleaner a spin.
The time to act (for peace) is now!
Petition Bush not to go to war.
I will write more later about why I signed this petition but in the meanwhile I urge you to act for justice ,not revenge, by signing this petition.
Truly challenging'... forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.'a portion of The Our Father
I just remembered why I stopped posting at MeFi
It's addictive. After an almost 2 month hiatus from posting a comment on MetaFilter, I'm back in the thick of the fray with 9 posts in 2 days. It's as if I have swapped CNN for MetaFilter. I'm pretty sure I will switch from MetaFilter to candy corn though so that's something to look forward to.
More donation boxes...
Due to a number of requests I have made a 468 x 60 banner and a smaller 125 x 125 box to add to your site. Cut and paste code and samples here. Currently Amazon is up to 4.75M in donations, I am so happy to see such solidarity in this trying time. Keep it up and spread the word.
I have so much I want to say...
I've got the open forum to do so and yet I will wait. The signal to noise ratio is high enough as it is, so I might wait a bit. A few people have captured some of my sentiments anyway. Please read, Meg's piece and two pieces at Doc Searls. One on the story that is being sold to us and another poignant email Doc received from a New Yorker. Justice, my friends, is what this country should seek, not revenge.

Add a Red Cross donation box to your site

I'm sure there are all kinds of banners and things floating around but thought I would go ahead and offer this to anyone that wants a quick and easy way to add this to their site. To format the text, just add a .redcross entry in your CSS. Just copy and paste the code inside the box below and it will show up on your site.
[ Update: 9.14.2001 - there are now more sizes available here. ] The code: The box looks like this:
Did anyone get any work done on December 7, 1941?
This has been an incredible test of the moral fiber of every living being today. Friends, neighbors and acquaintances true colors shine through in times like these. For instance, I found out I am more like Doc Searls than I ever thought before. Are there more of us conscientious objecting, Catholic pacifists out there? As a pacifist, I couldn't be more upset with CoffeeCup software CEO, Nicholas Longo and his decision to send this inflammatory and not at all helpful email to all of his (former) customers today:
Hello everyone,
This is Nicholas Longo, the CEO of CoffeeCup Software. As you may have heard the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked about 45 minutes ago.
The Team at CoffeeCup would like to send our heart felt sorrow to those that perished in these attacks.
We would like to also say on record that if any country is found responsible for these attacks, we call for that country's complete de…

God bless you and your family. We are still under attack.

I don't know what to say about watching the World Trade Center collapse on live television, other than that I have been in contact with a few friends in New York and the ones I could get in touch with are all ok. A testament for me being a bigger web geek than I previously thought, having, ,, and more, suddenly not work this morning got my heart racing as to the seriousness of an attack on our country. This is just my little *virtual* world crashing down , my heart breaks for those in real pain in New York and Washington whose real world is forever changed. For the indie media coverage, Slashdot is working and so is MetaFilter (although it's hosted in NY and running a little slow). Beware, live accounts of watching the second plane hit the towers (on Slashdot) had me in tears.
What a great way to spend a Sunday morning

Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong at the first annual SF Grand Prix 9.9.2001
Cheatsheet v1.0
I hate the 'add to favorites' and bookmark functions in the browser. Invariably, I will upgrade the browser and lose track of things in the shuffle or a third party 'helper' application will really screw things up. Maybe this has happened to you as well. So a long time ago, I started keeping a handmade html page as my browser home/start page. Recently, I thought that some of you might like to use this as your start page too, since it has been pretty handy for me. The 'cheatsheet' is pretty basic and mainly contains links that I use on a daily basis and search boxes for a few websites that I visit often but would rather not deal with the bulky interface just to track a package. I actually use a different version, it has more columns so I can do site administration stuff for this site and This version has top news headlines and local weather. Unfortunately, it's my local weather. To customize it for your city, go to…
Micro news
So the entire free world has been let in on the Greymatter killer, Movable Type but I haven't heard a peep about a new and improved version of the old news update cgi NewsPro called Coranto. Newspro never had a super slick interface but it did a pretty nice job, especially for a free cgi script. There were a couple of nice add-ons like karma voting and feedback. Coranto includes a lot of these goodies and adds RSS output and a CSS Editor. I used to use NewsPro on before discovering Blogger. Now if we can convice Movable Type and Coranto to hook into the Blogger API we will really have something interesting.

Web 2001 : A web conference odyssey

I will be on the exhibit floor tomorrow at the Web 2001 Expo in SF. I'll be the guy badly in need of a haircut or wearing a hat. I generally don't bite so come up and say hi if your reading this. We can both reminisce about how at Web 2000 there were a lot more companies like this who were still fooled into believing they had a chance for IPO even in November of 2000. Ouch.
Seriously considering...
...naming my child Jimmy Eat World. Yes the new album is that good. I don't get chills listening to just any band.
I usually know when I am being made fun of...
...and this time I can't really tell. I am part of a bad All Your Base parody for some reason.
Proof that a sense of humor is good for everyone

taken 10.6.2000 in Berkeley, CA (it was on a homeless man's bike)