I'm a bad kid
Just answered a few email from last week. It should make me feel like a rock star i.e. ('I'm so important that I receive so much mail') instead I feel like a heel i.e ('You insensitive creep, these people spent time sending you email... way to negate their humanity.. or something). I've been busy. I hate that damn word. Busy. Who isn't you pretentious jerk? (I say to myself). Self hating and loathing aside, the very few people who really know what is going on personally, thank you for your patience. To the rest, I will be a new man by weeks end I can feel it. Now on to old business...

I have had a spot all polished and picked out for crazy little flights of fancy that I create from time to time on this site. I called it Features and it sat in the lower left corner of the navigation box up there for a loooooong time. Essays, dirty limmericks, poems, sonnets (isn't a sonnet the same thing as a poem, really?) and other things could go into a features section theoretically. Today it lives. For now you will have to make do with a template I made for Blogger users a while back that I finally published and an essay I wrote a while ago that I dug up for you dear reader. Look for more in the features section soon.


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